Mercy Johnson Shares Daughter’s 1st Valentine’s Day Picture

mercy johnson daughter photo

Feb 14, 2013 – Mercy Johnson Shares Daughter’s 1st Valentine’s Day Picture

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson just shared an adorable photo of her daughter‘s first valentine’s day.

The sexy mother of one needs a VAL for her beautiful daughter Purity Ozioma Okojie.

Purity and her mama are set to leave for Nigeria from the US next week.

She is such an adorable sweet little angel.

19 thoughts on “Mercy Johnson Shares Daughter’s 1st Valentine’s Day Picture

  1. Wow, cute and adorable. What a wonderfull God’s gift. Well done Mercy and remember to always thank God for her life.

  2. Now she will not allow d baby girl to rest.1st month,1st valentine.I just wonder why people don’t think before they do things and when trouble comes.they will start shouting.Mercy,pls take care of ur bundle of joy quietly.Or are u not even ashamed that no picture of that baby with Daddy.
    Just shut up and allow d poor girl to grow.

    • jess plz will u kip ur bowel call mouth shut if u dnt hv anytin important to say y dnt u mind ur buzi eh..parrot.i knw u r blind if nt u will nt write all dis rubish.animal @beekay

    • congratulation,,pls if u can allow work to rest for list a year it will be good.cos money is not everything,ur baby needs all the love and care from u…be wise

  3. helo mercy congratulations i tanks u so much 4 givin birth 2 dis baby i pray dat God wil giv u wisdom 2 train dis baby in jesus Name plz dt mind wat piple r sayin dey r fools i luv u so much

  4. ah beekay why we u say such thing is a good thing She is flaunting her Beautiful Baby afterall good thing comes from the Lord so Mrs Mercy Okojie do take care of your baby.

  5. hello mercy dnt mind dos fool who want to follow dat white bitch call tonto to talk rubbish abt u ok.u r d best,my role model my mum luvz ur movies alot.kip d ball rolling owk,i luv ur movie dumebi the dirty gal n and lookin forward to watch dumebi goes to skul lol

  6. Tank God d gift of life cos is not an easy task to ve bby of ur own!! Am so happy for u dear!!!!i pray God give u d ability to give d child d best care ‎​A̶̲̥̅πϑ luv she want frm u d parent!!i love u so much keep d gud work going

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