Mercy Johnson Turns Baby Daughter Purity To Movie Star

mercy johnson daughter movie star

Oct 19, 2013 – Mercy Johnson Turns Baby Daughter Purity To Movie Star

For the past few weeks mama Purity, Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson Okojie and her baby daughter have been spotted together on several movie set and Purity is gradually getting to use to camera.

Purity and her mama were spotted on Friday on a movie set starring veteran Nollywood actress Ngozi Ezeonu and actor Pope Junior.

Very soon Purity Ozioma Okojie will become a movie star.

Purity with Ngozi Ezeonu

Slim Mercy Johnson spotted on movie set yesterday.

27 thoughts on “Mercy Johnson Turns Baby Daughter Purity To Movie Star

  1. Tis baby girl is very adorable
    No doubt she might become an actress if she didn’t change her mind later on

  2. OMG this is very lovely
    my Purity is all grown
    Mercy Johnson abeg take it easy on that weight loss

  3. This Mercy Johnson na bastard, suddenly initiating her child into prostitution, watin this ur pikin wan even act, she go dey sleep with producer’s just like u b/4 she go get job, if not no work for lazy man oooo

  4. @ bezo why are u such a hater like this. If you have a familly member that sleeps with their superior to get a job must u use it against every other person. If it pains u dat Mercy nd Her Daughter are making it pls do go and hug transformer. Mercy pls kuddos and do keep it up.

  5. Awwwwwww*see my baby purity is now a big girl…luv u loads looking somuch like mummy*#big hugs, I cn’t wait till 29th of december so dat we’ll celebrate our b-day 2gether##########@bezo u’re a bigger fool nd a bastard,I dnt knw who Invited u here***kwasia

  6. Mj,please is time to stop losing weight,i still wanna see those killer curves of yours that can make a dead man steal a peek pls are perfect the way you look.purity i no dey shake for your side becos you are learning from the best and will beat others when your time comes.kudos to you guys.

  7. Bros wetin you tell purity wey dey make am happy like this?aah wait oo,papa purity,papa purity come oo,our purity need bodyguards oo, what a cute smile.


  9. Mercy slow down with the weight loss, your ass has disappeared, I can’t believe this is u.u are a curvy girl, u are not straight like a model.

  10. Wow…..mercy d gift of love n strong emotions,i love u,luk at purity n her innocent face,i guess u are blessed mj

  11. wow,baby purity is now a big girl oooo mercy well done.
    as 4 people way dey verse:
    no mind them ooo,
    Na so ego dey pain Dem, make u no send them Na Ur God they do am.

  12. Mercy Johnson, u are too down to earth,too humble, u are natural when it comes to acting.U are a blessed mother.Baby Purity,u are beautyful and lucky 2 ve a humble mum.

  13. it is not easy to see an actress as humble as mercy Johnson or do u think it is easy. Am a dancer but I want be an actress like my mj and daughter

  14. bezo or what ever u call urself be very careful with ur choice of words before they consume u. a word of appreciation will not kill u ingrate. really hate dat infact u dont deserve to be loved cuz u can be terrible

  15. Purity will always be what God wants her to be no one can stop her. I wish I have a mum like marcy johson than it will be easy for today. Am up coming actor,who have been going from one audition door to another looking forward to a day that God will remember me. But in all thanks to him. 07058189775

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