John Dumelo’s Foundation Sexy Car Wash: Ghanaian Actor Uses Sexy Girls To Raise Fund

john dumelo sexy car wash

Oct 19, 2013 – John Dumelo’s Sexy Car Wash: Ghanaian Actor Uses Sexy Girls To Raise Fund

The talented actor and business man who didn’t underestimate the value of sexiness in today’s entertainment world gathered some beautiful Ghanaian and Nigerian girls to perform what he termed “sexy car wash” in Ghana this week.

john dumelo foundation sexy car wash

According to Maestro Media, One of the events that took place at the recently concluded Ghana Fashion & Design Week 2013 was the John Dumelo Sexy Car Wash, a Fund Raising initiative for his foundation at the Cahaya Lounge & car wash.

The event took place infront of ex-Ghanaian President’s house, Retired Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings.

Beautiful ladies came out in mass in different seductive outfits showing off their feminine silhouettes to the admiration of all, even Ghanaian star actor, John Dumelo whose foundation was to benefit from the fund raising, was very present himself washing the various wonder on wheels that came to be a part of the car wash benefit.

Wealthy men who came to the car wash brought in Porsche Panamera 4S, Rolls Royce Phantom, and various BMW cars to see the girls in action.

The idea of the sexy car was basically to use beautiful ladies to raise money for John’s foundation, car owners were free to donate any amount they felt was okay.  And since the car washers were ladies and they were the ones going around to collect the donations and with the great number of guys that came, the guys donated a lot.

Check out some photos from John Dumelo’s foundation sexy car was below:

john dumelo sexy car wash ghana

I see this coming to Nigeria soon.

[Photo Credit: Maestro Media]

13 thoughts on “John Dumelo’s Foundation Sexy Car Wash: Ghanaian Actor Uses Sexy Girls To Raise Fund

  1. I never know John Dumelo is this desperate for money
    See those shameless girls selling their body for money

  2. The love of money is the root of all evil
    This is stylish prostitution
    Bet it with me most of the men will find dates here

  3. One thing I know if am to say is that this guy has something in mind that convinced him to do this. He must have thought of it very well before doing it, he is not a full at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I see,yeah,okay.i need the correct location of the car wash veune because i got myself a lorry and 911 truck tipper(heavy duty) for my birthday and it need to be washed.

  5. hello I know nothing about YOU ,I am a American .
    As someone else said it is You business /tried on
    line to see just what you foundation does / still not
    sure but on my several trips to Africa I saw I need for
    more housing (low income ).I am a builder here in America
    interested in building in africa using some American architecture
    and ideas .
    local and government corruption(AS YOU MUST KNOW ) makes it impossible
    to safely buy or invest in land being an american .
    if someone on you staff could send me a list of projects you foundation is involved in so I can see if there are any I may want to volunteer my services to
    Thank You in advance

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