American Defends Yinka Ayefele Over Runaway Band Members “Reporting Dem To US Immigration Is Right”

yinka ayefele band members disappear

Oct 19, 2013 – American Defends Yinka Ayefele Over Runaway Band Members “Reporting Dem To US Immigration Is Right”

On Friday, exclusively broke the news of gospel singer Yinka Ayefele and some of his band members who escaped on getting to America. If you missed the previous report, read it here.

In defence of Yinka Ayefele, here is what a Nigerian born American citizen wrote:

Ok. let me explain to you guys how it works. I am a Nigerian born US citizen. I came to US twelve years ago by God’s abundant help. It was tough in the very beginning but by God’s grace, I have acquired a masters degree in engineering ,working and making good money and I have a transportation business on the side.

For those of you haters saying negative things about abroad especially US, there are many reasons why you may be saying those things.

#1 it is possible that you guys tried to get the visa to US but you were refused.

#2.It is possible that you got it but you got deported from US

#3 It is possible that you are not educated enough to compete with those over here in order to get a job or do something tangible.

#4 It is possible that you were working on minimum wage and couldn’t cope, tried in many ways but nothing seemed to work. Like it or hate it, USA is still the best nation on earth—-I REPEAT THIS.. The best nation on earth even your past and present presidents (Your leaders know this).You have to get here after being in many other countries such as Germany, England ,Canada etc to understand this.

Since you could type your opinion on this comment section, it means you can read and write so Google the word… USA.. and you will stop your ignorant statements about USA. It is true that there is suffering in developed world and US is not a perfect country but the poor people living in this country on welfare live better than those middle class (if existed) in third world countries and this is the reason why over 60% of world population want to live in US…

Now regarding those criticizing Yinka Ayefele, US is doing everything possible to stop illegal immigration into this country. When Ayefele helped those guys to get visas, it was his responsibility to make sure that they returned back to Nigeria. If they didn’t, Ayefele would be held liable for that and it would affect his future recommendations or applications for US visas.

It was very necessary for him to let the US immigration know that It wasn’t his idea that those guys ran away. So He did the right thing by reporting their escape. Feel free to comment on my view regarding this if you want but if those guys came in legally which I’m sure they did, by this time in two years time if they know the right things to do here in the US, they will be back in Nigeria with their green cards and there is nothing anybody can do about that. Desperate situation always call for desperate measures and I surely understand why they did what they did.

When you get US green card, it is a big step forward to future, I had it, then God helped me through to becoming a citizen and I am now doing well. I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am today that fast without God’s help and without US documents.

My British documents didn’t help. If I could do it, anybody could.