Meriam Ibrahim Rearrested With Husband By 40 Sudanese Police While Leaving For The US

meriam ibrahim rearrested

June 24, 2014 – Meriam Ibrahim Re-arrested With Husband & Children By 40 Sudanese Police At The Airport While Leaving For The US

While we were all celebrating yesterday for the release of Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese mother of two on death row, Sudanese government were busy planning another trick to get her back on death row.

On Monday she was freed from a prison but as she got to Khartoum airport yesterday to leave for the United States where her husband lives, she was arrested with her family.

She was sentenced to death in May for renouncing Islam after her marriage to a Christian American man. Her sentence has sparked widespread outrage at home and abroad.

40 armed security men detained Meriam with her husband, Daniel Wani and their two kids at the airport hours after her release.

Daniel Wani intended to take Meriam and his sons to the United States yesterday when the 40 security men detained them.

The family has been taken to the headquarter of Sudan’s top security agency.

But what did Meriam do to Sudanese authority to deserve this kind of ill treatment.

They have no option, they must release her… The world is watching…. Meriam must not die.

11 thoughts on “Meriam Ibrahim Rearrested With Husband By 40 Sudanese Police While Leaving For The US

  1. Who has the final say? Sudan or God? Don’t pray for her, she will be released today or thunderstorm and hail will destroy the authorities in charge of the arrest

  2. God is working silently in her life..No man or country fight against God’s own and never regretd..May Jehovah protect her nd her family

  3. God is able to do all things,who made the authorities to be in the fist place,is it not God,he will surely do his will.

  4. The Almighty God will never allow any of His children to die in that manner after following Him, She will not die

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