Mide Funmi Martins & Afeez Owoh’ Marriage Has Crashed Over Affair With MC Oluomo & Taiwo Kadri

mide funmi martins mc oluomo

April 14, 2016 – Mide Funmi Martins Romance With MC Oluomo & Taiwo Kadri Has Crashed Her Marriage, How She Shunned Husband, Afeez Owoh’s Birthday

If the story making round in Nollywood is anything to go by, Yoruba actress Mide Martins and her husband Afeez Abiodun Owoh have parted ways.

BON sources revealed that the couple has separated.

We learnt that the cause of the problem is Mide Martins’s secret romance with top NURTW boss, MC Oluomo and her suspicious closeness to a popular real estate mogul in Abeokuta, Taiwo Kadri, the founder of Katawa Properties who made her a brand ambassador recently.

mide martins taiwo kadriTaiwo Kadri & Afeez Owoh

Last week, close friends waded into their marital problem but Mide refused to return to her marital home.

As a sign of maturity, her husband Afeez Owoh took to BBM to wish her a happy birthday but on his birthday, the actress refused to reciprocate his gestures.

As we speak, the troubled couple has kept mum as their marriage crash story circulates like wildfire.

Nollywood actress Biodun Okeowo took the place of Mide Martins as Afeez Owoh marked his birthday yesterday.

afeez owoh biodun okeowo

We await official statement from the couple.

34 thoughts on “Mide Funmi Martins & Afeez Owoh’ Marriage Has Crashed Over Affair With MC Oluomo & Taiwo Kadri

  1. What is so special about this stinking skin bleacher that Afeez Owoh want to die, you’d better go and find better girls from your village

  2. Hmmm, i wish she can come back to her senses. I will advice you go back to your home because of your kids.

  3. @Prince of Ijesha i wonder o lookn @ her u will know d stuff she’s made from she has jioned them Mr Afeez move on wit ur life Mide doesn’t worth dien for.

  4. chameleons will always be chameleons.

    An idiotic prostitute hiding under the umbrella of Nollywood.
    We know the descent ones amongst them.
    To be honest I cant even stand some of the fake idiots amongst them. she don bleach body finish….. ugly bastard
    who no know say she be Ashewo before?

  5. What is wrong with all these nollywood ladies? They all want to sleep with this useless man call mc oluomo or what ever they call him, because i don’t see anything special about him.

  6. Pls mide go back to ur husband we are using u as a good example to others please don’t spoil ur reputation

  7. Mide kindly settle whatever issues you have with your husband amicably. I pray you won’t regret your actions

  8. i knew it will come to this when she openly referred to her husband as UGLY . no woman that loves her husband or has an iota of respect for him will say that in the open even if you know its true in your mind. its too obvious the man is in love with her or infatuated but he should just move on bcos that lady is seriously regretting the marriage.



  10. They haven’t said anything yet and people have concluded that they’ve separated. Sometimes I wonder why people are just siting and waiting to hear about marriage breakups. Pray for them to reconcile not for them to make it open.

    • MaryF,If you know her,you wont write like this. Like few times I av seen her at parties, she doesn’t respect her home. Mostly, with Aluwe’s son. They may be friends,but,thre should be limitations & caution.

  11. Mide has finally made her unfaithfulness and infidelity known to the public…Azeez shud focus on the lovely children and continue with his life…Shame on her

  12. That prostitute? mtchewww! i dont know why this guy cant let her go and learn lesson from those touts she admired.

  13. Its so sad ..but honestly i feel like dis marriage was a ticking time bomb..it was bound to happen..mixd is too exposed n her husband seems really calm.. I feel bad for him, i really hope they can work it out because my dear mide good men r very hard to find now ooo..pls stick to ur husband n reconcile with him it would only do u good
    Pls i just dnt understand one thing
    Why is it that all d nollywood men have good wives to marry and their marriages dont break up,, but the women its another story?
    Could it be they carry themselves too high for young boys to come to them ?
    Instead all they attract are married men with other wives ?

  14. As you lay your bed so you lie on it. Mide please ride on. People say you are well exposed, maybe being an actress. Mind you,Bankers,Teachers,Civil servants etc are all exposed more than you may think of. Most especially Bankers. They can go to any length to meet up with their targets, some customers do invite them to hotels,travel outside the country, invite them out late at night for discussion, even during weekends too,but,those who want to flirt around do it because they have the mind set to mess around. Though there are a lot of temptation to fall which only few of them are lucky to escape from. So being an actress ain’t an excuse at all. Like I said earlier, that you should ride on,but,when law of karma descends on you,please don’t remember me. I am proud of my mother because she didn’t allow us to be raised by a stepfather and my father did attest to it that she met her as a virgin,but,if you are not from this background, either you were raised by series of fathers, from polygamous home that are not settled or from a mother that has children for different fathers,you should be able to correct this mistake in this millennium because you are more enlightened, educated and has social media that could aid you. I advise you go back to your husband.

  15. U slept with your husband friend? U even traveled to SA together.
    OWO please free this shameless woman.
    First it was the fat guy living with them.y do u enjoy the nickname’yodi’.
    God help you.
    Ambassador of ass

  16. Sorry to say this I think some Yoruba ladies are like this. they go for money not love. why my Africa women? money can’t buy love. Even the Yoruba men will still accept them after the fornication….useless people

  17. it is common to Yoruba lady to do that thing, but they no think about there life whether they are use you to get more power, because of money you are destroying life and future of your children yoruba proverbs says owu ti iya gbin lomo o ran ,again ile ti afi ito mo iri ni wo oranti iku ojiji, sikiratu sindodo o ri pe oti shi be careful oloju kokoro ni e

  18. You want to follow the step of your best friend mercy step my sister don’t look at her, stay with your husband no matter what the problem is stay with your husband coz of your children, if you leave and train the children alone they will still go back to their father so stay, i will advice you to leave the industry because of your marriage

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