Armed Robbers Arrested After Robbing Hospital Patients On Sick Bed Confess, Reveal Mode Of Operation

armed robbers robbed patients hospital bed

April 14, 2016 – Armed Robbers Arrested After Robbing Hospital Patients On Sick Bed Confess, Reveal Mode Of Operation

Police detectives in Lagos State have smashed a gang which specialised in posing as patients to get access into hospitals and rob genuine patients and staff. The suspects, Babatunde Bamidele (25) and Muritala Balogun (27), were arrested at Ajangbadi area of the state on Wednesday, moments after they robbed a hospital.

Revealing their modus operandi, Bamidele said: “Before we go out on operation, we would dress the body of one of our members with bandage. When we get to the gate of the prospective hospital, the supposed ‘sick person’ would start crying loudly.

Others would start calling for emergency. Immediately we are allowed into the hospital, we would whip out our guns and rob the patients. We would rob them of money and other valuables. We don’t kill people.

We only collect money and phones.” The state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni, said the suspects used to pretend they were patients to gain access into the hospital to rob genuine patients of their valuables.

Bamidele confessed that he was introduced to the robbery gang by Ahmed, now at large. He said: “I used to pick pocket until I met Ahmed. He advised me to abandon that. He said it was not profitable.

Before I started going out with them, they trained me for a week.” Recalling how the gang met its waterloo, Bamidele said they had just robbed patients and were racing to leave the scene when they ran into a police patrol van. He added:

“The policemen were on patrol when they heard shouts of thief coming from the direction of the hospital. They ran after us. Ahmed and others escaped. Muritala and I were arrested. “Since I joined the gang, we have robbed about five different hospitals at Ajangbadi, Shibiri and other parts of the community. I regret my actions.

My parents must not hear I was arrested for armed robbery.”

Narrating his own side of the story, Balogun said he was tricked into going with the gang to rob patients.

He said: “I was also into pick pocket until I met Ahmed.

I was at home when Ahmed called me. He said I should go with them to visit a friend at the hospital. I obliged. We both went to the hospital. When we got to the hospital, I was surprised to hear Bamidele scream like he was in pains. Ahmed and others called for emergency.

I didn’t go with them into the hospital. I waited outside. After a while, they came out with many phones and some other things. Immediately we left the hospital, policemen who were on patrol accosted us. They arrested me and Bamidele.”


10 thoughts on “Armed Robbers Arrested After Robbing Hospital Patients On Sick Bed Confess, Reveal Mode Of Operation

  1. When the police does a good job, they deserve some praise. Weldone for coming to the rescue of those victims.

    Cases of armed robbery and kidnap have reached inordinate proportions in this country. Now look what latest approach that those villains have invented! Heartless as they are, they now go to the sick and the dying and rob them. Well, I am not surprised since they rob accident victims at the very scene of the accident instead of calling for help. Those men should receive no mercy at all.

  2. Come to think of this, this is funny. Of all places naa hospital remain? You are bad influence on all other youths, rot in Jial.

  3. Nawaha for ds lazy boys, is it in the hospital you gays are robing now. In fact you have to pay the prize, go to jail this is rubbish.

  4. According to the one called Bamidele, they had successfully robbed other hospital, Chai… Only God knows how many innocent people they must have send to a compulsory graves especially those with High Blood Temperature.

    On the day nemesis has set aside to catch up with any you, even all your acenstral spirits and your charms put together cannot set you free.

    Let them rot in jail. And while they are there, I wish that all the life‘s threating disease will visit them.
    E.g:- Ebola, Lassa fever, Zika virus etc…

  5. Since they like hospital maybe they should be kept in the Infectious Disease Hospital and hopefully they will catch something serious there. Scum bags!

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