Milan Ross, Motivational Speaker Who Killed Ex-Wife & Kids On Christmas Day Has A Dark Secret

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December 28, 2017 – Anthony Milan Ross, American Motivational Speaker Who Killed Ex-Wife & Children In Phoenix Arizona On Christmas Day Has A Dark Secret – In Law

The author of the change cookbook, Milan Ross killed his wife and two children in Phoenix Arizona on Christmas day.

The 45-year-old reportedly shot his estranged wife, Iris Ross and their two kids (10 month old Anora Ross and 11  year old Nigel Ross) on Monday afternoon exactly 6 months after their divorce.

He immediately sent a text message to his sister in law, Mary Wogas to inform her of the murder before barricading himself in his apartment where police arrested him hours later.

The suspect who is set to appear in court on the 3rd of January is facing 3 counts of first degree murder.

Here is what Milan Ross’s sister in law Mary Wogas told ABC15.

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Milan Ross, an inspirational fitness coach and weight loss expert has changed the life of many.

His book, The Change Cook Book is one of the top bestsellers on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Milan Ross, Motivational Speaker Who Killed Ex-Wife & Kids On Christmas Day Has A Dark Secret

  1. Horrible story. How did the kids offend….and particularly the 10 month old who might not even have started talking yet? Maybe it is depression or even insanity but it is still a terrible story!
    RIP to the dead.

  2. I REALLY Hate to read and comment on a story of this nature. How could somebody just wake up one day and become a devil-baptized and possessed Agent of doom?

    Honestly without mincing words, this is terribly real heartbreaking story.

    I take a stroll…

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