Mimi Orjiekwe Divorces Husband Charles Billion Who Impregnated 2 Women

Oct 7, 2017 – Mimi Orjiekwe: My Marriage With Charles Billion Crashed Over Infidelity, He Has 2 Baby Mamas

Mimi Orjiekwe Quits Marriage As Husband Charles Billion Impregnates Two Women

Nollywood actress Mimi Orjiekwe has finally confirmed the end of her marriage to actor Charles Billion Pius.

While responding to rumours surrounding her relationship with Charles Billion, Mimi said their marriage crashed few months after it was contracted over infidelity.

According to her, the actor has two baby mamas.

Her words:


The couple who got married on the 18th of July 2015 have a beautify daughter named Jasmine.

She was born in the US back in April.

5 thoughts on “Mimi Orjiekwe Divorces Husband Charles Billion Who Impregnated 2 Women

  1. OK that’s what you said let’s wait and hear what Charles says and if he did beg your dad to make things work…because you in his life he gat two baby mamas without you in his life I sight multiple baby mamas..latest study shows women are 10 to 1 as it stands so manage and fix what you have because you don’t even have an idea of the next guy you might be heading to.

  2. It’s been a long time since I made any comment. Mimi, one thing I have noticed from u people, u want to copy the style of celebrities in the USA and u are not like them. Look what Beyonce did, she made her married worked despite what her man did. Why can’t u people make your marriages work? do u know the next man u will meet in life and what he will do to u? If u truly meant what u said that Charles spoke to your father to let the marriage work, why don’t u pray over that my dear. He knew he impregnated two ladies but he chose you, girl wise up. So fed-up with u Nollywood people, u don’t have patience and I think u do not love yourselves before u go into this marriage thing. God bless you all.

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