Mina Saudi Arabia Accident Death Toll, Photos: 717 Muslims Killed During Devil Stoning Ritual, 805 Injured


mina saudi arabia accident

Sept 24, 2015 – Mecca Saudi Arabia Stampede Accident Death Toll Update, Pictures: 717 Muslims, Hajj Pilgrims Crushed To Death During Devil Stoning Ritual, 805 Injured

By NaijaGists.com

Less than a month after over 107 Muslims died at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, another disaster has struck.

In the early hours of today, over 717 Hajj Pilgrims died during a stampede that happened while they were rushing to stone the devil.

According to officials on ground over 805 people were injured in Mina.

This latest tragedy has been described as the worst disaster to strike the Hajj Pilgrimage in 25 years.

What Caused Mina Saudia Arabia Stampede

Mina Saudi Arabia stampede was caused by 2 large groups of pilgrims who arrived Jamarat together.

They were rushing to get to pass Jamarat bridge for the stoning of the devil at Mount Arafat when the tragedy occurred.

In July 1990, 1426 Muslims were crushed to death in a tunnel near Mecca while heading to perform the Devil Stoning ritual.

See photos from the event below

Here are few photos from Mina Saudi Arabia stampede… VIEWERS DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED

This is so tragic!!!

May their soul rest in peace.