Miss Nigeria 1984, Rosemary Okeke Spotted With Ezinne Akudo

miss nigeria 1984 rosemary okeke

Oct 25, 2013 – Miss Nigeria 1984, Rosemary Okeke Spotted With Ezinne Akudo

The young lady who won Miss Nigeria 2013 beauty contest, Ezinne Akudo is yet to leave Owerri days after she was honoured by Imo State House of Assembly for her success in this year’s beauty pageant.

Ezinne Akudo used her time in Owerri to honour Ms Rosemary Okeke, the winner of Miss Nigeria 1984 beauty pageant.

Can you believe this woman was the most beautiful lady in Nigeria some 29 years ago? Hmmmm how time flies…

Rosemary has lost nothing to age. Still graceful and beautiful, she could still hold her own against younger ladies unfortunately, her marriage of many years has crashed.

5 thoughts on “Miss Nigeria 1984, Rosemary Okeke Spotted With Ezinne Akudo

  1. If you don’t watch out Ezinne, u will end up like this woman and others in her shoes.
    Nigerian beauty queens hardly have a happy home. This brings to mind Nike Oshinowo, Bianca Ojukwu and many others
    Be brave Ezinne ensure u marry for the right reason
    love u lot

  2. She was pretty then. I remember her,she was busy marrying different men for wrong reason. She marry Igboman ;later run to Yorubaman; from there to Hausa Alhaji; later a Ghanaian moneybag.Now a loser, she shamelessly return to Igboland empty handed. SORRYOOOO Aunty Okeke

  3. She is still very beautiful, but i dont understand her complextion: Face and neck very fair while the hands look hard and veryyyy dark. uhmmm, Bleach nawaaa

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