Missing Politician Son Found In Lagos 3 Years After People Accused Mother Of Using Him For Ritual


missing politician son found in lagos

August 21, 2017 – Female Nigerian Politician Son  Who Went Missing In Abuja In 2014 Found In Lagos Today 3 Years After People Accused Mother Of Using Him For Money Ritual

Happy Ending!! Hon Binta Abba’s Missing Son Found Alive On The Streets Of Lagos 

Female Nigerian politician Hon Binta Abba’s sorrow has turned into joy three years after his challenged son, Suleiman Abba went missing at Area 11 in Abuja.

He was found on the streets of Lagos today by his uncle who is an operative of the EFCC.

When Suleiman went missing in 2014, family members accused his mother of using him for money and fame ritual because of her job as a politician.

The boy when could not speak properly when he went missing in 2014 is now able to speak fluently.

hon binta abba son found in lagos

Hon Binta is the special adviser to Katsina State Governor on child education.

This reunion should not end here, proper investigation must be done to uncover the culprit who took him to Lagos from Abuja.