Missing Politician Son Found In Lagos 3 Years After People Accused Mother Of Using Him For Ritual

missing politician son found in lagos

August 21, 2017 – Female Nigerian Politician Son  Who Went Missing In Abuja In 2014 Found In Lagos Today 3 Years After People Accused Mother Of Using Him For Money Ritual

Happy Ending!! Hon Binta Abba’s Missing Son Found Alive On The Streets Of Lagos 

Female Nigerian politician Hon Binta Abba’s sorrow has turned into joy three years after his challenged son, Suleiman Abba went missing at Area 11 in Abuja.

He was found on the streets of Lagos today by his uncle who is an operative of the EFCC.

When Suleiman went missing in 2014, family members accused his mother of using him for money and fame ritual because of her job as a politician.

The boy when could not speak properly when he went missing in 2014 is now able to speak fluently.

hon binta abba son found in lagos

Hon Binta is the special adviser to Katsina State Governor on child education.

This reunion should not end here, proper investigation must be done to uncover the culprit who took him to Lagos from Abuja.

7 thoughts on “Missing Politician Son Found In Lagos 3 Years After People Accused Mother Of Using Him For Ritual

  1. I am unable to comprehend this news, went missing as kidnapped or abducted?, there must be more about this issue that is not written here…….

    Will be right back.

  2. Only God knows how happy this woman is at the moment. Her son got missing and she was accused of using him for fame and money ritual. Those people who accused her should now hide their faces in shame. God has absolved her from guilt. Thank God her son was found alive.

  3. Is good news to be hearing say pikin wey was loss is find. Is happy to the mama. They was say she take am to be doing juju but God have innocenting to the woman. So make them kill cow to be chopping. But in according to, who be the man wey was carry the pikin and wenting to Lagos? Bicos the pikin can not posibul to be miss anybody from spirit. Na under normal sense. He no even sabi to talk bifor he loss but he sabi to talk now. It good say he loss o. Lagos mamiwater have teach him to talk. Mamiwater no dey for Abuja so the boy find mamiwater go Lagos. Now he have lern to talk in according of mamiwater. Na danger o. Mamiwater is only teach persin to miss like spirit for bush and shout weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee like animal but ogbanje de die but mamiwater maintain plantain. The boy don chop plantain wey mamiwater fry finish. Nonsens. Make them tell am to go back o. Is not pure.

  4. We thank God for the return of this boy and for saving this lady from life-long agony of staring into strange faces of people of about the age grade of her son, wondering if he is the one, searching, and searching and wondering without solution. God forbid a beg…. And once again we thank you Sir!
    Congratulations Madam on your vindication!!!

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