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Mohbad Buried In Small Coffin: Nigerian Musician Buried With Neck & Head Bent Inside Coffin In Ikorodu Lagos

mohbad buried small coffin

Tears and Questions Surround the Final Farewell of Late Nigerian Star Mohbad

Mohbad Burial: Nigerian Musician Buried With Neck & Head Bent Inside Small Coffin In Ikorodu Lagos

Today marks a somber day in the heart of Nigeria’s entertainment industry as Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, known by the stage name Mohbad, was committed to the earth. The ceremony took place this Wednesday, September 13th, not even a full day after the singer took his final breath.

However, it wasn’t just a normal, grief-stricken funeral service for the late star. The day was rife with controversy, from the size of the coffin to the chosen burial site. Fans, family, and media alike are questioning the circumstances surrounding the tragic ending of a life that was full of promise but was cut short abruptly.

The Unfitting Coffin

As videos circulate online showing the star’s remains in a casket, the immediate talking point became how uncomfortably his head was bent in the coffin. One could hear whispers of indignation among the crowd. “Why can’t they afford a coffin that fits? Did he not make enough money during his life?”

Media personality Dr. Penking, who has been vocal about various issues concerning the Nigerian youth and entertainment industry, took to social media to express his disbelief. “Upon all the money Mohbad made, see how they bent his neck inside the coffin. They didn’t see a coffin that was his size? Why are everybody around this guy just so wicked?” he posted.

The Controversial Gravesite

Adding fuel to the fire was the location of the gravesite, which was a subject of vociferous debate among the gathered crowd, particularly the younger attendees who had followed Mohbad’s meteoric rise to fame. Many thought the chosen site was not befitting of a man who had brought so much joy and entertainment to the people of Nigeria.

Eager youths, some wearing shirts with Mohbad’s face imprinted on them, raised placards in protest. They felt the chosen burial ground was not up to the standard they had envisioned for their fallen hero. Conversations became heated arguments, momentarily overshadowing the reason everyone had gathered: to pay their last respects to Mohbad.

The Ikorodu Gathering

Eventually, Mohbad was laid to rest in Ikorodu, Lagos State, a place that holds significant meaning for him and many other musicians in the industry. It was a heart-wrenching moment as the first handful of earth was thrown onto the casket. Friends, family, and even a few fellow musicians who had been silent until then broke down in uncontrollable sobs. The sorrowful melodies of a choir could barely be heard over the loud wails and cries.

This, of course, raises questions about how the life and legacy of artists are handled in the Nigerian entertainment sector. Mohbad had been a prominent figure, having started out with humble beginnings in Ikorodu before reaching national and even international fame. His journey had been a beacon of hope for many young Nigerians who aspire to change their lives through music.

A Puzzling End

Mohbad’s life was a testament to the impact one could have when determination meets opportunity. It also speaks volumes about the volatile nature of fame, especially in a country like Nigeria where the gulf between the “haves” and “have-nots” is cavernous. It is a nation where every young person’s success story is seen as a ray of hope for the millions entrenched in poverty, which made Mohbad’s death all the more tragic.

One can’t help but wonder, what circumstances led to such a seemingly rushed funeral? Why was there an apparent lack of preparation and attention to detail? Mohbad was a star who had shone too briefly, and his send-off seems to be clouded with questions that may never find answers.

As he was lowered into the ground, the finality of the moment set in. People began to disperse, but the feeling of dissatisfaction hung in the air, a somber cloud over a day that should have been a respectful tribute to a life gone too soon.

In the midst of all these controversies, one thing is certain: Mohbad’s music and the joy he brought to countless lives will continue to resonate. But as friends, family, and fans departed from the burial ground, it became increasingly clear that the events of the day would prompt a larger discussion—about respect, dignity, and how we honor our heroes when they’re no longer with us.

As many left the gravesite, they found themselves not only pondering the mysteries of life and death but also contemplating the profound societal issues that had been thrust into the limelight due to this unfortunate event.

Today, we said goodbye to Mohbad, a jewel of the Nigerian music industry. The controversies surrounding his burial will likely fan flames for discussions on the management and welfare of artists in Nigeria. Yet, in the heart of every fan, the music and legacy of Mohbad will forever remain, a comforting albeit painful reminder of a star that could have shined for much longer but was sadly dimmed too soon.

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