Monalisa Chinda And Lanre Nzeribe, Her Secret Lover Finally Stepped Out (Photos)

monalisa chinda lanre nzeribe

March 07, 2013 – Monalisa Chinda And Lanre Nzeribe, Her Secret Lover Finally Stepped Out (Photos)

After months of hide and seek game, Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda has finally revealed the face of the man in her life.

The singer mother of one is now dating owner of popular Deuces night club in Victoria Island Lagos, Mr Lanre Nzeribe.

monalisa chinda lanre nzeribe

According to sources, Lanre Nzeribe, a married father of many children is a ladies’ man who loves virtually everything under the skirt.

The millionaire socialite has been linked with uncountable ladies in the past.

The lovers were spotted in Lagos last week at Uche Jombo’s movie premiere

Here is what Monalisa Chinda said in regards to her new lover:

“I’m happy and fulfilled that I’m in love again and i’m glad it’s for real this time.”

Wishing Monalisa Chinda success in her new relationship.

8 thoughts on “Monalisa Chinda And Lanre Nzeribe, Her Secret Lover Finally Stepped Out (Photos)

  1. Na wa 4 all dis actors and actresses o.U jus divorced,d reasons 4 ur divorce is dt ur hubby left u 4 anoda,nw instead of u to learn ur lesson,and be v.crfl in choosin,u r going aftr anoda man whom is known to be ladies man.Anyway,wish u d best.

  2. Monalisa chinda open yr Eyes o… I no know d man sha but dem say e like women die… I trust you sha if you love d bobo hold am with care … Njoy yr relationship wella

  3. Shame to u monalisa chinda when i saw u in movies i thought u are decite i never knew u are a shameless lady. So dis is d best u can get 4 urself, a man dat goes 4 everything under skirt, wht kind of example are u teachng ur child? May God ve mercy on u infact on Nollywood Actress. Shameless creatures

  4. what is wrong wit our actress,,isit that they dont have choice,or gud guy dont like them. why do they like 2 be secound wife? why isit that they love married men or divourcie?why are they good at breaking homes? for monalise chinda i dont expect much from her after all she is after one,,,is only after one like her will marry her, i wish her the best

  5. Na wa for all of Una wey don comment. So na everything media write Una go believe? Yet Una no wan believe say Jesus is coming again so be prepared. How are you sure that this news is true? Monalisa left a woman-beater. Ask Una sef why man go dey beat his wife? Na cos of issues like money, another woman, work, stress etc. so if she run from dejo, den this lanre na fryinf-pan-to-fire issue. I’m not sure this news is true. These people may be looking for gullible peeps like Una for free publicity.

  6. Lanre na every women man ooooh. I was know dat he went n even stay wit Grace Egbagbe n few others. na wa for all this Nigeria actress ooooh. divorcing n marrying someone else man. open your eyes oooooh

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