Monica Friday: Nollywood Producers Offered Me S** For Movie Roles

monica friday nollywood producer sex movie roles

Budding Nollywood actress, Monica Friday is one of the acts rocking the movie industry.

Her appearance in the Popular TV series ‘Do Good’ where she played alongside Kate Henshaw and Basorge Tariah shot her into the limelight and since then, she has been soaring higher.

Here is what she told the Entertainer about her journey into the make-believe world:

“I have always loved the art, though I never planned to be an actress. I was active in drama and dance from childhood. I started attending auditions after my secondary school. I waka tire and the fake filmmakers were more than the real ones. But one good thing about me was that I was never desperate. Few producers offered me roles for sex and I flew away like a golden bird” .

“Acting became my first priority when I had a dream about a popular actress, Liz Benson. It’s something I hardly share; it is divine. It was just a clear vision that I belong to the entertainment industry”.

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