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Morgan Freeman Retirement Plan Marred By Sex Scandals..Actor Allegedly Working Himself To Death

morgan freeman sex abuse victims

According to The National Enquirer, Morgan Freeman was once one of America’s most admired actors but a bitter divorce left the cheating star in the spotlight, with his finals days marred by a series of sex scandals!.

“Insiders told The National ENQUIRER that Morgan once had a peaceful retirement planned in at his sprawling Mississippi farm. But that was before a car crash helped to wreck his marriage because the passenger wasn’t his wife! Morgan’s attorney had to admit that his client and second wife Myrna were”involved in a divorce action” after Morgan crashed the car of 48-year-old woman while driving late at night in Memphis.

The ENQUIRER soon learned that Myrna was already divorcing Morgan over a dalliance with a family friend later revealed to be E’Dena Hines, who was Morgan’s step-granddaughter from his first marriage. At the same time, Morgan was romancing former schoolteacher Mary Joyce Hays. The couple was reportedly set to get married before Mary dropped him over his affair with E’Dena!”

“All of that drama would lead to a massive 2010 divorce settlement for Myra. The original settlement reportedly gave Myrna $170 million, plus several properties. Instead, the sudden slew of sex scandals had Myrna’s lawyers in Mississippi negotiating a new payout with some estimates calling it the fifth-largest divorce settlement in American history.

Even worse, the Memphis wreck had left Morgan with a damaged left arm just as he needed to rebuild his fortune at 73 years old! Morgan was angry at that payout, said an insider. “Every check he earns makes him figure he’s catching up to what he lost. The totally smitten star also reportedly had to rethink plans to openly date E’Dena instead buying his doomed lover a Manhattan home where she’d live with the man who murdered her.”

“Morgan was ready to live out his years in peace, said an insider adding: “It can be agony for him just to get through a working day on the set.” But now the beloved star is struggling through new sex scandals over his on-set behavior. Just weeks after being embarrassed by E’Dena’s murder trial, Morgan’s been blasted by eight women accusing him of sexual harassment during the filming of recent movies.

“Now insiders are worrying that Morgan is finally facing an enforced retirement after being accused of groping women and making inappropriate comments. Some pals, however, are hoping that Morgan will finally find an excuse to finally retire to his farm. “Morgan claims he never feels overworked,” said one insider who added: “but you have to fear he’s working himself to death!.



  1. Japhettoo

    May 25, 2018 at 5:12 AM

    What is wrong with these Hollywood actors. I respect this man more than what am reading about him

  2. Mon

    May 25, 2018 at 5:42 AM

    They can help to make or destroy YOU……… wo man, they started it from Garden of Eden. Until every man starts to guide his joystick and ask God for guidance…tragedy will always occur.

    • Amanda

      May 25, 2018 at 6:11 AM

      Love your comment. Worded with wisdom.

      Even though i dont trust any celebrities when it comes to men and women relationship, i am sure there are also utrerior motives behind this. Seem to me they are targetting Black figure. American can build and destroy you at the same time.

      Look what happened to MJ too around 2005/2006. You ever wondered they barely brought up White men like this?. Donald Trump is also in the same mess but media trying to not make big deal about it like they did to Cosby. Trump paid a woman 130k for sex. And I am sure countless of White celebrities in the same boat but they cover it up. Few years ago they almost wrecked Tiger Wood as well.

      Again, it is difficult to defend celebrities whether thye are Black or not

  3. flavour

    May 25, 2018 at 11:02 AM

    As black Americans or blacks who have achieved great fits in USA: what stops these guys living right with their legal wife?
    wetin concern me sef, make i face my front with buhari economy

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