Mother Stabbed Baby 90 Times With Scissors For Biting Her Breast During Breastfeeding (Photos)

breastfeeding mother stabs baby china

July 12th, 2013 – Chinese Mother Stabbed Baby 90 Times With Scissors For Biting Her Breast During Breastfeeding In China (Pictures)

A chinese baby is lucky to be alive after a series of stabbing attack from his own mother.

Xiao Bao, an 8-month old baby in China has received over 100 stitches to put his battered face back to normal after his mother stabbed him in Xuzhou city in eastern China.

According to his mother’s confession, baby Xiao was stabbed 90 times after biting her breast during breastfeeding.

mother stabbed baby 90 times with scissors

The mother and her baby live with an uncle who makes a living recycling garbage.

Xiao Bao’s uncle discovered him lying in a pool of blood in their home yard before rushing him to the hospital.

What a painful experience.

See another photo of Xiao Bao on hospital bed below

Wishing this innocent baby a quick recovery.

33 thoughts on “Mother Stabbed Baby 90 Times With Scissors For Biting Her Breast During Breastfeeding (Photos)

  1. Na wa oo. Wonders shall never end. What is this world turning into. What a HEARTLESS mother. When that child grows up, he will never forgive her.

  2. Poor baby to hv bn born from an evil mother lyk that. Thank God it survived to haunt the mothers conscience for the rest of her life.

  3. Aaaa this is so sad, children do this all the time, I remember when my son started teething he use to bite my nipple s all the time that is what being a mother is all about, I think something else might have triggered this acted of wickedness, she might be suffering from postpartum depression, I wish him a speedy recovery, its well in jesus name

  4. Please don’t judge this woman yet,we must all try to figure out what was going through her mind and what is in her head.May be she is suffering from depression,schizoprenia,or frustration,may be she was just thinking of suicide or does not even know what the next minute or hour might bring.
    No right thinking mother will do that to her own child,it must be she is venting something on the child.
    By who we are in 9ja,hearing a gist,the first thing is judge.Not everyone can be like Nigerians who has a lot of problems and still be smiling and happy.We are not all the same.

    • you’re just as fucked as she is. no “mother” no matter what the circumstances may have been, would ever and could never do this to their child. She is fucked in the head, and should suffer for what she did to that poor innocent baby. Lucky I never meet this woman. She should not have children.

    • This is act of wickedness.The woman shouldn,t have gone that far cos the baby is still a child who have no intention of carrying out evil.As for the mother i will say that the devil just used her and nothing more.

  5. The Person that wrote please don’t judge this woman, we must all try to figure out what was going through her mind ??? Do you know what your Saying NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO STABB A BABY IT IS EVIL A SERIAL KILLER JEALOUS OF YOUTH JEALOUS LOVES BLOOD LIKE A VAMPIRE. No Human with a Soul would ever Do Such Criminal ACT on a BABY Who is developing his Brain cant talk only smile and Look at you with love to his mother. So YOU OBVIOUSLY don’t mind Abuse. DISGUSTING !! This Baby is to be loved by a New Family the DEMON Mother needs to be sentenced For Life In Jail no Parole. No Child is Safe Around Killers. The Uncles are not paying attention either till its to late that baby could have DIED. SUCH A CRAP EXCUSE HE BIT ME OMG HE WAS HUNGRY.

  6. Or even maybe,d baby was jst playing with d mother and she took it vry serious,may God help her in Jesus name

  7. i don’t think that woman did that with ordinary mental accuracy, she must have been pararised mentally and spiritually because no mother in her right senses can ever think of such……..gush! am cold

  8. the question is where is the father? men are no where to be found these days in d lives of their children and wives. Just as God asked Adam where art thou? he is still asking many men today. Where was the father when the woman was stabbing d baby for about 90 times? Men stand up and play ur role. So many have left everything about d family to the women except sex. thats d only thing some men do in d family.They don’t provide anything for d family, show no love to d pregnant or nursing mother. Must d woman do everything. God have mercy.

  9. I believe this woman is insane in some ways, coz she should have taken mercyful steps on her baby knowing that she carried the baby for 9 months and it is time she rejoice. But becuase she is not normal, thats y she resorted to kill the baby. legal authority please make sure the baby be in your hands to avoide another pathetic story.

    @ Gloria Mundia today you are early my sister, I need you contact text me on [email protected]

  10. That is more than depression, is madness and wickedness, that woman infact is a witch thank God she didn’t eat the baby. SORRY MY BABY YOU ARE HRALED BY HIS GRACE: AM SO SORRY TO SEE YOU SUFFER THIS PAINS SORRY BABY SORRY.

  11. This woman should be lectured on how to nurture a child.In the process of doing this, one can undergo some pains like what the baby just did to her, if i may ask, didn`t she bit her mother at childhood?

  12. In d first place why is she living wit her uncle? Where is d father of d baby? Pls pals dnt judge anyone cos no one knw wat she has being passing 2ru,she might be frustrated nd dis matter is co incidence.d Lord will heal u my baby

  13. cant u pple see the background of the second pix, no mentally stable human being will live in such a place. very little thing trigger the anger of a mad person, at that point they dont know u anymore, they become highly possess with anger that they lose control and try as much as possible to destroy whtwva they lay their hands on. i only thank God for the life of the baby.

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