Moyo Lawal Tackles Bully Who Called Her Ugly

moyo lawal kills bully

January 24, 2018 – Moyo Lawal Attacked By Bully… See Her Epic Reply!!!

A female bully went on rampage last night when she outrightly called beautiful Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal ugly.

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Here is how it happened.

The actress uploaded a video of her herself dancing to a song in her car and while enjoying the vibe, a lady left this insulting comment on the video.

“Somebody should tell this girl she is ugly”.

The social media has now become an abode of bullies and trolls who attacked others at will.

While some people especially celebrities have developed thick skin to help them look away from such unnecessary attacks,  others find it imperative to school and berate the trolls and bullies.

Moyo Lawal was so gracious in her reply to the nasty comment.

See her epic reply below:

Say no to bullying. It is unfair to make God’s creation like you feel like a beast.

Many people have committed suicide just because they were bullied.

Let’s all learn to treat others how we want to be treated.

5 thoughts on “Moyo Lawal Tackles Bully Who Called Her Ugly

  1. as beautiful as she is. tomorrow she will go and propose to her boyfriend of 15yrs at shoprite. my dear becareful of wat u say abt people because u can nt even make pencil.

  2. @Merit Brown upload your picture and let us see how good looking you are. *******l, I don’t know why smartphone is now so cheap such dat ***** people like You have ***** to one. Please go back to your ordinary phone, bcoz smartphone is really affecting your health.

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