Muslim Lady Stoned To Death For Taking Part In A Beauty Contest In Ukraine

muslim lady stoned to death ukraine

June 2nd, 2013 – Muslim Girl Stoned To Death For Taking Part In A Beauty Contest In Ukraine

As part of the Sharia law that carries death penalty, a Muslim lady identified as Katya Koren has been stoned to death in her village in Crimea region of Ukraine.

19-year-old Koren’s battered body was found near her home a week after she disappeared.

According to Katyan Koren’s friends, she is a fashionable lady who recently came 7th in a beauty contest.

According to police investigation, 3 Muslim youths who killed her justified her killing under Islamic Sharia law.

One of her killers, 16-year old Bihal Gaziev confessed to police he has no regrets about her death.

She has been buried in a forest.

Stoning is a divisive subject among Muslims, with some groups interpreting it as Islamic law and others disagreeing.

Another victim of religious extremism.

May her soul rest in perfect peace

24 thoughts on “Muslim Lady Stoned To Death For Taking Part In A Beauty Contest In Ukraine

  1. She would ve convert to Christian bf d contest & d youth dat stone her to death,who gave dem right to take laws into dia hands but i can see dat maybe dey approached her bf but she didn’t want to date dem dat y dey kill her in d pretence dat d sharia laws condem such act,may her beauty soul rest in perfect peace.

  2. I,m not suprise at all. Islam has never been a religion of peace as dey wuld always assert but its absolute a religion of pieces and war. Blood thirsting and festing souls. D almyT will judge some of u dat has shed blood unjustifiably coz of ur demonic teachings. U can,t creat a single doll yet,u take a whole life for no reason. U shall all face d wrath of d God u called Al**h in no time. Wicked *** holes.

    • Did u evev think before u post that? I dont think so, thats serial law for u in there own land it is effective. U had better *|***

  3. @dany,never say lslam is nt a religion of peace,perfectely lslam is a peace luvin religion,let jst see wot dis guys did as dier own self decision nd nt lslanic law.

  4. Is**m has brought nothing but destruction to d world. A devilish religion with no respect for human life.

  5. Danny and john you are both right,Is*am brought calamity and destruction to the world,they all have wicked heart sharia law my foot.

    • @fatty this is not blackmail but the real fact about islam it has done no good than harm,why will some one judge his fellow human being to the extent of taking life? if the Allah in islam is for real let him judge at the last day.

  6. Fati why do u waste ur time on these lost Christians wen u know Christianity is not a religion of the One n only true God.A religion dat encourages nudity n don’t care how they get their money.Pple dat believe in 3 gods.God is One and will remain.

    • @jimoh, bcs xtianity does’nt jugde, so it means they encourage nudity? Can any of u in islam create a human soul? Just look around d world and tell me which religion is shelding human blood. Since d inception, islam has never be a religion of peace, am sure u no dat deep down in ur heart.

  7. R.I.P beauty,I can see that there is no peace,no lvu,no freedom,no protection,no forgiveness,no salvation in islam,some are living under fear and bondage,what a world we are living in.

  8. Muslims don’t u reason at all? Y is it so difficult 4 u to leave in peace,y is it so easy for u to take life claiming u are effecting some kind of stupid law. Your God is not capable of judging people himself,so he has employed u abi? Pls turn from ur devilish way and accept Jesus as ur Lord and saviour. He is the prince of peace,ur life will not remain thesame again coz u’ll experience wot peace really is!

  9. Hey mind ure words Islam is a peaceful religious,these people are wrong how will they stoned her to death after all Allah(SWT) always forgive us when we seek his forgiveness,i know exposing body as afemale is prohibited but if she ask for forgiveness she will surely be forgiven

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