My Nigerian Husband Left Me For An African American Woman. I’m Really Confused Please Help.


my nigerian husband left me

Feb 22, 2013 – My Nigerian Husband Left Me For A Black American Woman. I’m Really Confused Please Help.

Below is an unedited email received from a lady who claims her Nigerian husband has left her for black American woman for no genuine reason.

Please read her email below and give her your best advice.

Dear Naijagists,

I have been a frequent visitor to the romance portion of your site but today my back has hit the wall.

Here is my situation, I married a man from Ondo state Akure precisely and I brought him to America few years ago.

The first month he arrived, he told me to perform oral intimacy on him which am not that comfortable with. I told him to give me sometime to get used to it.

From then on we started having issues in our relationship. We have two kids together. I gave birth to my last child for him in January.

The day he got his American passport, he took off to Montreal for like 4 weeks. He told me he is going for SAP training well I didn’t bother myself because I trust him and to my surprise the second week he returned, I happened to look on his blackberry while he was in the shower and the messages I read broke my heart.

He happened to be dating a black American lady whom he met over 3 years ago.

The lady sent him bb chat that he should take him to the Gynecologist for her appointment because she is carrying his baby. Because I couldn’t hold it anymore, I had to confront him.

Infact, I didn’t expect the response I got from him. The gentle man I brought from Nigeria with no penny started yelling on the top of his voice infact he left the house for like two weeks.

He came back last week to drop the key to the house. He told me he is moving on because I’m unable to satisfy him sexually.

Guys, is this a reason enough to leave the woman who brought you from nowhere to somewhere?

Do I really deserve this?

I’m at the back of my wall. I really need your help. What should I do? Editor’s note:

Dear readers: Please consider this woman’s feeling when replying her. She will be monitoring this article.

Thanks for your help.