Nigerian Woman Killed Her Two Children In Abakaliki, Ebonyi State; Fled To Lagos

nigerian woman killed her children abakaliki

Feb 23, 2013 – Nigerian Woman Killed Her Two Children In Abakaliki, Ebonyi State; Fled To Lagos

A woman who worked as a teacher in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state has killed her children in cold blood.

The woman named Uchaji murdered her own blood children in an unprovoked attack while they while sleeping at night.

According to her husband, the woman in her mid 30s allegedly slashed the throats of her 4-year-old daughter identified as Nneoma and her last born, a 2-year-old son named Godswill while they were sleeping at night on Wednesday 20th of February 2013.

Ebonyi Police spokesman, Mr Sylvester Igbo who confirmed the murder said the suspect fled her matrimonial home located at Elias Odili Street in Abakaliki immediately after the murder to Lagos State.

The father of the deceased children, John Uchaji who is still in shock said he doesn’t understand why his wife could have killed her own blood children just like that without any sign of provocation.

Ebonyi Police PPRO added that Mr Uchaji, the dad of the slain kids came to the police station the midnight of the murder.

The body of the deceased children have been deposited into a mortuary for autopsy.

The police advised the family not to take laws into their hands, promising that the police would get to the root of the incident as investigation continues.

Lord have mercy! What could have caused this? This woman must be arrested on time to avoid further disaster who knows where she is heading to in Lagos.

May the soul of those innocent kids rest in peace.

32 thoughts on “Nigerian Woman Killed Her Two Children In Abakaliki, Ebonyi State; Fled To Lagos

  1. terrible things hapning n 9ja 1daful ur own blood son ok scripture said it dat a time shal whn childrn wil b against dr parent bt GOD z watching us dat z evn parents nw are against childrn.
    Nneoma R.I.P. Godswil a 2yr old child whch she if he might b d 1 2 eliminate coruptn n 9ja may GOD grnt ur soul IJN. Adue d 2 child.

  2. How coMe the woman in question killed those children and left immediately the same night and how come the husband know she was going to Lagos .to me is astonishing but I believe the father of those late children has more to explain,Whose knows maybe the wife is also dead.

  3. I dont tink d woman knws wat she is doing dat particular tmy she may b spelled cos it is nt easy 4 a mother 2 kill her own children

  4. dis is the sign of end time .b/c Bible say dt in d last day many terrible thing with b happening ,sad news will all round d world.may God help us

  5. this cud only xplain one ting demonic posesion,hw cud a mother who nutured 2 children 2 infants 2 childhud sudenly kil them its hard 2 beliv father shud b thourougly investigatd.

  6. D story is 1 way investigation. Arest d man nd question him. 1st hw did he knw d wife strangled her children’ police torture dis man nd d truth wil cum out

  7. For this act that she has committed by killing this innocent children, she will never know peace, the blood of those children will always hunt her till she confesses. She is really wicked, she should be taken to the mental home for check-up because she is not normal.

  8. hw am i sure dat, d man is not telling lies, he should tell us wat happened, cos no woman wt her right senses will kill her 2 kids n run away, may b he has killed d woman already, police should question him properly

  9. I dnt think the woman is psychologically okay. She must be spiritually disturbed for her to jst kill her kids lyk dat. Mayb she’s witch nd dat wz a sacrifice demanded of her.

  10. Its a true story. She is a tchr in a public schl here in abakaliki and according to her colleagues, her sanity has bn in doubt for sometime now. According to d story it was her own sister that reported her to d police when she arrived her house in lagos and on inquiry about d welfare of everyone, she told her that she has killed d children. I also heard that she is now in abakaliki police custody

  11. Hmm nothin to be said definately d end time is here for a woman 2 kill her own children,may Allah help and forgive us oo

  12. I know most people are not aware of psychological illness in Nigeria. this woman is suffering from a disorder called postpartum psychosis… arresting or sending her to prison will not help or cure her… she needs all d love and support she can get…. pls seek for professional psychological help. thank you

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