“My Wife Hates & Starves Her Stepchildren” – Man Asks For Divorce From Wife Of 18 Years


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Jan 16, 2015-  “My Wife Hates & Starves Her Stepchildren” – Man Asks For Divorce From Wife Of 18 Years

A 55-year-old businessman, Saliu Adesokan, yesterday pleaded with an Igando Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his 18-year-old marriage over wife’s alleged maltreatment of her stepchildren.

He told the court that his wife, Jumoke, detested his children from another woman, saying she always handled them in a rough and cruel way.

“My wife always maltreats my children, she hates them to the extent that she only cooks for her children and refuses to give her stepchildren food.

“She promised to take care of them before I married her but she has refused to keep her vow.

“Due to frequent fighting and rivalry with them, I rented another apartment for my children but she still refused them to visit me.”

The petitioner, according to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), described his wife as a proud and arrogant woman.

“My wife is so full of herself and arrogant, she does not respect me and she talks to my parents rudely.

“She does not wash my clothes, she will tell me to hire a house help. So, I wash my clothes myself.”

In 2011, he said he sought the dissolution of the marriage, but because she was then pregnant, he withdrew the suit and also thought that she would change.

Saliu begged the court to separate them, that he was no longer interested in the union and that the love he had for her had faded.

Defending the allegations, Jumoke Adesokan, a 37-year-old trader, denied the allegation of maltreating her stepchildren.

She said the children were too rude and troublesome and that one of them slapped her when she cautioned her.

“My husband’s daughter slapped me when I corrected her, she and her siblings always fight me,” she said.

Jumoke said it was her husband that asked her to stop washing his clothes.

She claimed that she used to cook for her husband and stepchildren and that she always respected her husband and his parents. The mother of two begged the court not to grant her husband’s wish as she was still in love with him. The court president, Mr. Ruphus Adeyeri, adjourned the case till January 27, for judgement.