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Native Doctor Disappears As Police Arrest Man With Human Head In Imota Lagos

man arrested human head lagos

August 16, 2017 – Native Doctor Flees As Police Arrest Man Caught With Woman Head At His House In Imota Lagos

Man Caught With Human Head In Imota Lagos Says He Plans To Use It For Protection Charm Against Badoo Cult

A native doctor simply identified as Jamiu has been declared wanted after police arrested a man with decomposing head of a woman in his house.

Due to foul odour emanating from Jamiu’s compound, neigbhours reported him to police and when his house was raided, police nabbed a suspect identified as Emmanuel as Jamiu reportedly disappeared, though the strange disappearance was witnessed by Jamiu’s neigbhour, the police didn’t reveal this to the media.

This was revealed to reporters who invaded the place after police invasion to get a clearer understanding of what happened.

Emmanuel in his confession said Jamiu helped him to get the human head to make protection charm against the dreaded Badoo cult.

As source in Imota said some OPC men are currently helping the police to locate the fleeing native doctor.

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