C&S Prophet Who Buried Human Body Parts At Church Entrance In Sango Ota Ogun State Arrested [PHOTOS]

body parts buried church entrance sango ota

August 16, 2017 – Police Find Human Parts Buried At C&S Church Entrance In Sango Ota Ogun State, Prophet Samuel Babatunde Arrested

White Garment Pastor Who Buried Human Body Parts At Church Entrance In Sango Ota Ogun State Arrested [PHOTOS]

The founder of a C & S church in Sango Ota Ogun state has been arrested after a suspected kidnapper told police he is the recipient of two children kidnapped from Ogun state.

The suspected serial kidnapper 32-year-old Adeola Jeremiah and an herbalist, 43-year-old Afolabi Haruna were arrested last Sunday. In his confession, he told police the founder of Itedo Isinmi, Ayo Parish of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Prophet Samuel Babatunde is the one who sent him to kidnap two children caught wandering on the streets.

c & s prophet arrested ota

He stated that Afolabi Haruna is the one responsible for killing the children and burying their body parts at the entrance of Prophet Babatunde’s church located on Egan Road in Iyesi area of Sango Ota.

To confirm the confession, Police hired people to dig a hole at the entrance of the church and to their surprise, several body parts were found inside the hole.

However 77-year-old prophet Samuel denied the allegation.

He said a pig was buried alive inside the church to bring prosperity, good fortune and comfort to his church members.

He added that he met Adeola Jeremiah at a prayer mountain in Ibadan and that he never had any ritual dealing with him. He even accused him of having mental problem.

Adeola Jeremiah however stood his ground that Prophet Babatunde paid him N50,000 each for the two children he kidnapped.

9 thoughts on “C&S Prophet Who Buried Human Body Parts At Church Entrance In Sango Ota Ogun State Arrested [PHOTOS]

  1. Nigerian people should stop running to demonically wicked ritualists for quick fix or solutions to their problems. Most Nigerian herbalists have transformed themselves to pastors of so many satanic churches masquerading as real pastors looking for ignorant people to destroy, to steal from or to kill for their demonic rituals. Why do Nigerians run around from poles to poles looking for miracles? Apostle Paul said that we cannot continue in sin and except God’s divine grace, blessings, favor, victory, and His divine protection to abide. Its simply means that with active sins in our lives, we cannot see God talkless of His divine encounters. God of Isreal hates sins, while majority of the so called quick miracles seekers cannot live or strive to live in holiness to bring His mighty right hand upon them. So instead of them having personal relationships with our Lord and Savior-Jesus Christ of Nazareth, they run from one criminal to other looking for quick miracles from magicians and satanic agents. Nigeria has churches in term of numbers than the entire Europe and Asia combined yet wickednesss persists in the land. Why that? We pretend to love or glory God with our lips, but our hearts and minds love the things of the devil which is wickedness such as hatred, looting, oppression, fraud, killings, stealing, and bikebitting just to mention a few. But our God is full of love and compassion, and tbose that worship must do so in spirit, great love for others, and with sincere hearts. The only way out is to have relationship with the Master of the Universe which is Christ Jesus. However, this is not a call or advice to anyone to abandon your various churches, but a call to be more caution and be very watchful. There are thousands of Godly churches in Nigeria today where Christ and the Holy Spirit reign supreme. Please stop running to ritualists in uniforms for solutions. ShAlom!

  2. Now you are referring the bodies you buried there as pig…..and that must be to blindfold anybody who step into that your shrine, when your members start defending you,they will swear you are their best PAPA,without knowing they are under a spell/charm.

    Serving two masters will only bring confusion and that’s why majority of our people are confuse.

  3. any one who for his or her own selfish intrest want to tanich d image of white garment church Almighty God will be expose them. in jesus name..

  4. never being a fan of white garment churches, they are so evil, revengeful and not forgiving you do anything to someone from white garment church be sure you never getting away from it they would deal with you, if an astute member you happened to be delivered, get born again,leave their congregation you begin to loose everything gained whilst a white garment member. what they do there is amazing, all the white cloth, white eggs, seven candles ( they have different coloured candles), incense, holy water, they are not God Fearing… i mean this is where if a woman with problems you go there for help they would tell her to have a spiritual bath before you know it she is sleeping with the supreme/superior father probably she is married, a lot of married women have fallen victims, all sorts goes on in there…. that’s no church




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