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New World Order & Illuminati: Wickedness In High Places

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New World Order & Illuminati: Wickedness In High Places

michael jackson illuminati

Nov 26, 2014 – New World Order & Illuminati Secret Plans For 2015: Never Before Revealed Secrets Exposed

A fans of just send us this exclusive eye opening piece.

Hear what the London-based fan named Gbenga wants fans to know.

president kennedy illuminati

Hi, naijagist is a pleasure to write to you today. Have been following your sites since I discovered it around 2012 and let me commend you that you guys are doing a very great job in bringing we that are in diaspora news about what is going on especially back home in Nigeria and all around the world.

Now to the main reason of writing this letter to you is that i would like to show you what you are not going to believe right now…what I’m about to show you is really bone chilling and unbelievable. Naijagist after showing you this i don’t want you to panic because I want you to remember that everything that is happening in our world today is not just some coincidence it’s been predicted in the holy book the bible and pre-planned by our past and present elite evil white colonialist…have been awake since 2010 of what is really going on in our world and I must confess there’s no way of getting out of these unless God want us to..we people no matter what race or colour have been divided one way or the other for so long that unless we get our acts together and come together as one, as one people then this corrupt system and poverty that is very rampant in our society all over the world today especially in Africa would continue till thy kingdom come. Sorry for the long sermon lol…it’s just that I get upset every time I come about all this information and can’t sometimes wrap my head around them of why we allow these things to be happening to us as people from one generation to another… Naijagist what the world need now is for us to get our acts together and round up all the evil people that are running the system now and put them where they belong which is in jail for the atrocities they’ve perpetrated on the masses and countries all around the world…People like George bush Jr, Barack Obama, Dick Cheney, Warren buffet, George bush Snr until we at least do this nothing is ever going to change on the world stage as we know it…[]

Naijagist I want to bring your attention to the evil of the highest order in especially the white house United states and Britain which is the second…These two powerful countries have been the most evil ruthless countries that are responsible for the pain and suffering of mankind right from time and the notion that they’ve given us our republic and we can govern ourselves the way we want to is absurd.. there is nothing more painful than the deception these evil white elite race has perpetrated on we Africans especially to the point that they intentionally and purposefully kill us at will through some bogus vaccines, aids and what we know today as Ebola which was intentionally created to wipe out the population of our African brothers and sisters all in the name of there is too much of us on this earth.. and we still look up to them as some kings and queens…[]

It’s being proven that the w**** race is evil throughout history and they still are… And they are predominantly the major reason why we are suffering in the way we are… Well haven’t said this that doesn’t mean we blacks don’t have evil and deceitful people amongst us and that the world will be perfect…but at least we wouldn’t have poverty and unnecessary wars like the white men loves playing that game cos they have no conscience and heartless..and they love causing chaos and destruction all over the world…It’s in their DNA… And not to the scale and the evil of how the white men goes about it…

Is it a surprise that if you speak out against the government people call you “conspiracy theorist” the name have wholeheartedly accepted and adored all because you are wise enough to question and not accept some bogus information of what doesn’t make sense that they publish out for the masses to digest on.. In which most of it are always lies after lies after lies, naijagist I probably assumed you know about the atrocities the U.S.A have committed on its own people in the past and still doing… so you know if they can do these things to their own people how much more the rest of us across the globe..atrocities like all the false flags united states have orchestrated to justify going to wars and killing people just for the fun of it..i.e. like the pearl harbour, the Vietnam wars and[]

In case you don’t know these things please Google it and have a look it’s really disgusting…Well I have a lot to say and don’t want to bore your readers lol… so let me stop here and please naijagist do your own research as well if you haven’t done… so all the chaos like our boko haram back in Nigeria is orchestrated by the “CIA” of America don’t be surprised the same goes for the Isis or ISIL everyone is talking about..Their main goal is to bring about the new world order as we know it and enslave all the countries and masses and work us to death in the concentration camps just like the Nazi did… is it really surprising that history it’s repeating itself again??..On the final note, the most troubling reality today apart from what I’m about to show you is that most our generation are useless or let me say naive to be fair…Most of them don’t even understand politics…[]

Our young people are busy watching music videos and worshipping celebrities rather than paying attention to what is most important to their existence on this earth…i really shed tears for our generation most parents have failed in their duties and our so called pastors are even the worst they are busy extorting money from people and enriching themselves rather than preaching the true gospel so are we surprised that our youth today have lost their moral compass and values as well as traditions..
Nowadays you see gay “Nigerians” all over the place parading as if that’s a good thing same goes for the lesbians…Now there is feminist movement all over the globe orchestrated by these two evil entities called the UK and USA to make women hate men and be a single mother and all this crap..I never once thought I would see all this unfolding during my existence. Please do not expect any change to the current system both home and abroad vote or no vote the suffering and pain continues until we do something sensible and save ourselves from this dilemma..The powers that be will never relinquish their power and hold on all of us across the globe… Talking about the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers…[]

Presidents and Politicians are just puppets following the script so we shouldn’t expect anything good or positive from those wolves in sheep clothing…Well we can agree that there are some of them that still want to do good but are shut down by the government and they don’t know what to do…And most of them don’t even realise the grand architect and the master plan being laid out and played openly right from their time till this generation of ours…Please do some research and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Just like the bible says…So enough of the sermon for now lol. Now straight to business.


While most people across the globe were busy mourning about the catastrophic event that happened in the U.S.A which was 9/11 almost 15 years ago, what the same people even the usa citizens but now most do doesn’t realised was that the event was well planned and executed by the U.S.A government.. Why??..Remember i talked about the false flags on its own people so why not this massacre.. Could you people believe that U.SA government is the most evil country in the face of the planet…? Now naijagist get ready for the shocker and the proof of what I’m talking about.

Now most fools would still doubt this evidence… But it’s all good cos we know their type they are the fools the bible talks about that will never wake up from their slumber until it’s too late for them and would rather perish anyways because they are losers right from the start so nothing to lose…They are stock on a disease called the Stockholm syndrome..They lack the ability of critical thinking and thanks to the fluoride in the water as well as in the toothpaste they’ve been rendered unfortunately helpless and turn into zombies…They are already walking dead.[]

So naijagist are you ready for the shocker??.. Ok follow along and carry out the tasks accordingly as it is laid down…

Before we begin I’m sure you’re computer savvy lol…Well I presumed you made your naijagist website yourself so you must be. But anyways now pay attention guys:

• First of all go to your Microsoft Word I don’t care any version or year.
• Turn on the Cap locks on your computer keyboard.
• Type in this word “Q33NYC”.
• Highlights these words with your mouse.
• Make it “bold” by clicking on the letter “B” the first letter before the Italics.
• Increase the font number size to “72”.
• And finally change the theme fonts to this particular word “Winding” there is Winding 1, 2 and 3…not these but the first with no number beside it.

This is what you’ll see 
In case you don’t understand the drawings… I will explain it to you…the plane stands for the plane that hits the twin towers in NYC. Those two drawings that looks like a window are the twin towers that was hit…The skull and bones next to it stands for the brotherhood code for the secret society George bush JR, George Bush Snr, John Kerry and belongs to. The Star of David next to it is the Israel coat of arms or flag.i.e Zionism they are part of this event to. And then the thumbs up for the job well done…Bravo we did well let’s party. More false flags to come in the future…Now fast-forward today same things still happening in front of our eyes and people still don’t realise it… i.e. the Boston marathon bombing, sandy hook school shooting, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that killed at least 1 million people mostly children[]

Now I’m sure by this time your jaw would have dropped lol… Well we are dealing with evil and wickedness in the highest places and we all know at least where most of them are located at… well lol I’m talking about the physical ones…But it’s unfortunate that no one is courageous enough to put them in to where they belong so that we can at least put a stop to all the injustice perpetrated by these evil entities.

I commend you naijagist again for the work you are doing please keep it up…we appreciate you guys… And please do me a favour and promise me you will publish this write up on your site and keep distributing this write up to anyone who cares enough to read it. and let the world be aware and understand what we are all contending with and realise if we want a just world of peace and love…a world free of sorrow, pain and anguish then we must act fast before it’s too late…These mad men are playing with our lives through proxy wars because they are psychopaths and don’t care.. they are already millionaires and billionaires and even owns all the big banks in the whole world…They are all drunk on power and are so bored that they would rather drive us into nuclear wars and wipe out every human being on the planet earth and as well destroy the earth.[]

Our destiny is in our hands if we are serious about our existence on this planet as a human race don’t care what the colour is we can take charge and change the world for the better…We are the 99% these psychopaths are just 1%…So I ask what is wrong with all of us that we can get our act together… I’m done for now..

You might be wondering who is doing the write up…well I’m just a guy who is passionate and fed up about what is going on around the world more so after the discovery of the Microsoft thing i decided to write this up hoping to inspire our youth and elders to do the right thing and let us all come together to save our existence and planet from this demons.

About the author: My first name is Gbenga and I reside in London U.K that’s all the information I can give and thanks to all of you out there for your time reading through my write up.  And I pray may we all make it to heaven after our sojourn on this evil and wicked planet.

[Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of]

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  1. Tokunbo Rainbow

    November 26, 2014 at 10:15 PM

    I can’t believe what I just saw, I did this in Microsoft word and what I saw baffled me, WHAT DA F*** IS GOING ON somebody please tell me.

  2. Dotun KY

    November 26, 2014 at 10:36 PM

    serious stuff God help us

  3. Bayfleur

    November 26, 2014 at 10:43 PM

    The problem with my fellow Nigerians/Africans is that they have sat so long in the dark that they literally imagine life to be curse. If the destruction of the poor is their poverty, then it directly proposes the insinuation that the destruction of the illiterate is their illiteracy.
    How has darkness blindfolded the dark skin black community?

  4. frank

    November 26, 2014 at 10:59 PM

    What is theme font please?

  5. Chidy

    November 27, 2014 at 12:08 AM

    AMEN to you prayer.

  6. Chidy

    November 27, 2014 at 12:08 AM


  7. Chidy

    November 27, 2014 at 12:09 AM


  8. Glokel

    November 27, 2014 at 2:43 PM

    Pls Tokunbo Rainbow Tell me how u did it, I’m tryin it here, it’s nt displaying,,,if u are on watsapp add me 2 explain better ok,,, 08039634366… Tkss.

  9. T k Gwame

    November 27, 2014 at 4:45 PM

    This is not new

  10. annoymous

    November 27, 2014 at 5:36 PM

    As a Muslim this is not new. All enlightened Muslims are already aware of this fact. The most reason Islam is their foremost target. The only religion that can disturb their plans. But true Muslims are not afraid of their scheming because we are certain that Allah is the best planner.

  11. TIMMY

    November 27, 2014 at 5:51 PM

    But what does dis useless POWERDRUNK FOOLS(US&UK) stand to gain frm these wickedness.No wonder they said Nigeria will not exist beyond 2015 and they are working towards achieving it through BOKO_HARAM.Hmm and some selfish leaders and their greedy followers are helping them to achieve it by not doing what is right at the appropriate time.AFRICA WHERE IS THY GLORY,I weep for my country Nigeria,i weep for AFRICA and its gullible,fraudsters,thiefs,criminals,tout,and devlish leaders.MAY GOD HELP US ALL.

  12. JOHN

    November 28, 2014 at 8:20 AM

    You are one of them by using LOL Meaning (Lucifer Our Lord)

    • dolly

      November 29, 2014 at 9:07 AM

      Mr John. you have done well with this meaning of LOL too. how did u come abt it.

    • james

      December 1, 2014 at 2:21 PM

      don’t be an ****..who told you lol means the crap u typed..can you give me a link to your research that made you conclude that’s exactly what that meant??..ur just one of the **** he’s talking about that is not yet awaken and would take everything as a joke..wise up son. don’t be a ****.

  13. dolly

    November 29, 2014 at 9:06 AM

    OH LORD MY GOD. My jaw just dropped. am at work and i screamt OH MY GOD. BLOOD OF JESUS. FATHER LORD JESUS HELP US. I pray, u created the heaven n earth and you make all things beautiful, redirect and make our lives purposeful i pray.
    @ the writer Gbenga, u have done immensely well. God bless you. to think that there is a secret code to one just typing.
    recieve greater wisdom and strength and may you cup never stop running dry. you have opened our eyes, your eyes of wisdom n understanding will not be shot. God bless you.

    • james

      December 1, 2014 at 2:24 PM

      And you don’t just believe everything you your own reasech before concluding..i’m specifically reffering to ur comment to mr john..

  14. Jessica

    July 8, 2015 at 3:47 AM

    So true. I have been studying illuminati for years and thr government is not for the people by any means. I live in the USA and i think it’s a damn joke over here. Obama is an nobody. Hes a puppet. And all these dumb kids in my generation who look up to the kardasians or lady gaga and all them stupid celebrities are going to officially be the demise of everyone here. I dont want kids cause i dont want them to deal with the shit we deal with no . Its only going to get worse. I dont want them tk be a slave in a one world order or better yet the usa and how were suppose to be ‘free’. What a fuckn joke. I can go on a rampage for days Not all white people are the same though. That got ,y blood boiling. Look at all the blacks in America playing the system and making babies they dont want just to get money. They don’t even want to get educated not saying that all white people are perfect. If anything theres just as many white people here who suck at life just as blacks.

  15. Research machine

    October 18, 2018 at 9:59 PM

    Don’t panic brethren, for the truth indeed will set us free.??
    Remember that after God spoke to Adam and Eve about the forbidden fruit, the devil also went to speak, (deceiving them).??
    Remember that God sent Jesus Christ, who has come and gone.
    the devil is also preparing to send his own saviour; the antichrist
    (If you’ve read the book of Revelation) then recall that when the antichrist comes he will rule over the whole world.
    All these talks about unity and regional or global integration, eg; United states of Africa, European union, united nations, etc, all with one central government, or central currency is enough proof that the end is near.
    but many of our brothers and sisters are either sleeping or helping the globalists.
    The best solution so far is true and genuine education not indoctrination.

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