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Nigeria: Change, Crisis, Their Relationship And Way Forward – By Maxwell Adeyeri

nigeria change crisis maxwell adeyeri

October 1st, 2016 – Nigeria: Change, Crisis, Their Relationship And Way Forward – By Maxwell Adeyeri

You will all agree with me that it is essential you must abide by the law of a country, learn their culture anytime you become a citizen in other to benefit from what the country offer her citizens. Even scripturally you cannot benefit from inheritance of a family if you are not a member of that family even though you are a close family friend (Ephesians 3:14-15).

But in as much as you were confirmed a citizen of a place you must adapt to whatever the situation the place offer or subject you to otherwise you risk loosing your membership. Man’s utmost imagination and dreams is for things to keep moving based on assumption and wishes but that is not according to God’s plan.

God only sent showers of blessing in his season (Ezekiel 34:26). The book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 makes it obvious that change is not only natural but scriptural, because for all things we have season which bring about change which may results to one crisis or the other if not properly managed or planned.

Due to our expectations of miracles where it does not exist we keep asking ourselves has God failed? I don’t think this stewardship works, if not why this sudden change ? The truth is God is forever faithful and will not fail in fulfilling all his promises. The fact that we are in the midst of change or we were promised change by any government does not necessarily mean a positive influence.

What is change ?

Change is what I termed an equalizer because everybody will experience change and must face change. Agree with me or not change and crisis are interwoven i.e are very related.

All change are crisis i.e from your physical look to your spiritual understanding, if you experience change in weight from 60 to 110kg that is a crisis because a whole new world is required, a new method of mental guilt takes over your life and people look at you differently and sometimes comment about you, same goes to your spiritual nature if you shift balance you know is either you are more susceptible or vulnerable to evil attack or show more resistant to their warfare.

Crisis is a result of change and some crisis are self produced like eating uncontrollably and eating wrong thing whereas an external crisis is a result of change you have no control over and this is where the whole country is in the midst of now.

I believe without doubt that the greatest result of crisis is change I.e what we use to do some years ago are no more valuable and your plan some years ago are no longer valid.

Further more mastering the change of crisis is determined by your ability to manage and benefit from change. Beloved, your success at this time of your life in some years time will be determined by your capacity, your ability and capability to manage change and also to benefit from it which is sometime difficult.

Controlled perception is not a denial but a principle that makes change a benefit.

What is CRISIS ?

According to my mentor, he define crisis as an event, a circumstance or a situation affecting you or your environment over which you have no direct cause, control or responsibility. You did not cause it,you are not responsible for it and you may not be able to control it,you just have to prepare your self to adapt, adjust and effectively ride that experience. What makes crisis a crisis is because you did not cause it, you did not expect it and you can’t control it.

Then what do you do in the midst of crisis?

Firstly, you must always be in control of your mind. There are things you cannot control e.g the hurricanes, the wind, the global economic crisis, company shutting down, the lay off of staffs but you can only control how you think about them which is very important because your mentality and your thought are necessary in order to withstand and respond effectively to the crisis.

Crisis help to reveal true leadership and expose fake ones because true leaders don’t panic in crisis they plan, they don’t loose control they manage. Therefore how you think is more important than what happened around you, whatever you call or label a thing,that is what it becomes for you,stop telling people you have problem rather you have opportunities to grow because Crisis create an opportunity for you to test an untapped opportunity and use skill you have never used before and draw out the hidden potential in you.

The result you get will always be based on your interpretation. You must control your response to crisis, control perception is not denial of reality but is the control of your response to reality.

Even in Scripture, God visits men e.g Moses, David, Abraham,Daniel e.t.c during crisis telling them do not be afraid all to the fact that God Knows that humans adapt in his environment with fears and because your thought become the victims of the circumstances and the circumstances can become victorious over you.

Crisis is simply a change in the environment that demands a new unscheduled response.

Crisis demands a world of innovation, thinking because situation comes into your life to help you discover the person you never knew is living inside of you, it helps you think thought you’ve never thought before. Crisis are good in helping you expand your mental exercise because in good time we do not think and that is the reason God allow challenges. Crisis is the source of creativity. Human brain was designed for demand to be placed on it.

Thus this occur to you that God created Adam as an adult fully grown one, but his brain yet to be activated and God created crisis for him to name all the earth for his brain to start functioning.

God only give you a demand so that you can reveal your abilities. That amazed me sometimes when people are shocked about things that is suppose to be expected.

How do you respond to change?

Everything changes expect God and his promise but God did not promise us that thing will not change Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, so it is safer to say change is just life.

When you agree to yourself that everything changes, then organize your life so that change will not surprise you. Those that panicked are those that were not prepared for this time.

Biblically, crisis means famine, Joseph stored up against the hard years . The capacity of a leader is the ability to bring out people through the night because day is on the way (Daniel 2:20-22).

Every institutions is subjected to Change and shaking except the kingdom of God.

Stop depending solely on the government from federal to local level, stop engaging yourself in blame game and start looking up to God.

To face change you must start thinking in certain ways

(1) Expect change, the greatest protection against change is to expect it. You must think it out just in case it happen. We saw Jesus Christ telling his disciple’s that he will be killed, Jesus was trying to prepare them for life after him.

(2) The greatest source of disappointment in anyone life is the expectations of things remaining the same, you must start believing in the vision more than the visionary because the Bible never said without a leader people perish, you are dispensable. The greatest protection against disappointment is expectations of change. Stop making your dream God’s dream. He is not a capitalist and God is not interested in country dream.

If you want to do something with your life, start growing where you are. You must start swallowing your ego and stop talking but listen when you find yourself in midst of people with great knowledge and experience.

In time of crisis be honest if not your pride will kill you, you gain favour when you destroy ego. God hides money to check your mentality and see how you think, be open and stop walking around as if nothing is wrong.

In times of crisis like this, plan your way out of it, keep your faith and don’t panic and finally never give a permanent solution to a temporal problem, welcome change as a power of your maturity, use it for growth, progress and your development, if not change can cause you to come back home.

Change is Good, Change is Necessary and Change is Natural.

About the author: From the table of Youth emancipation for Progress (YEP) Founder and leader(Comrade Maxwell Adeyeri damilola(HSE,PM,EIA,MS,B.S)



  1. Otunba adekunle aderonmu

    October 3, 2016 at 11:25 PM

    Fantastic !!!!
    I hope all Nigerias could read this but instead we
    Like miracle ,miracle happens in ones life only when you
    Work for it noting will drop from heaven to fed your
    Pocket you must understand reality of life so that you
    Can be successful .

  2. sola olaniyi

    October 4, 2016 at 8:23 AM

    Nice article Maxwell

  3. Elizabeth Bolujoko

    May 27, 2017 at 10:49 PM

    I am inpired by this article maxwell.

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