Nigeria Rated 9th Most Visited Country In Africa

nigeria 9th most visited country africa

April 2nd, 2013 – Nigeria Rated 9th Most Visited Country In Africa

Despite the increased activities of terrorists and incessant killings in Nigeria today, the country has been rated 9th on the list of the most visited countries in Africa by foreigners.

According to a research conducted by IVS last year, Lagos state alone accommodates over 2,000 expatriates monthly.

In this recent research conducted by find me hotels, Nigeria was rated the 9th most visited country in West Africa with over 1.4 million arrivals yearly.

Kenya was rated the 10th with 1.39 million visitors while Namibia is 11th with 980,000 foreign tourists.

Egypt tops the list with 14 million visits followed by Morocco @ 9.29 million visits.

South Africa was rated the 3rd with 8.07 million visits while Tunisia is 4th with 6.9 m visitors.

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  1. i thank god for making my country d 9th most visited in african,but we need more and more inprovement in our country Nigeria.God bless Nigeria and d ppl o 9ja and also meeeeeeee

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