My Oga At the Top Obafaiye Shem Replaced By Adesuyi Clement – Ex-NSCDC Commandant Sacked

oga at the top removed

April 2nd, 2013 – My Oga At the Top Obafaiye Shem Sacked: Ex-NSCDC Commandant Replaced By Adesuyi Clement

…….My Oga At the top secretly sacked; New commandant replaces him

Mr Obafaiye Shem, the former Commandant of Lagos state chapter of Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps, NSCDC has been secretly sacked.

He has been replaced with Adesuyi Clement Dayo as the new commandant of the NSCDC.

As we can recall, Obafaiye Shem started the Oga at the top saga that went viral all over the net few weeks ago.

As at the time of this report, T-shirts and movies have been produced to further ignite the oga at the top controversy.

During an interview over the weekend, Dr Olu Abolurin, the General Commandant of NSCDC introduced the new commandant for NSCDC to newsmen.

According to him, Obafaiye Shem has been removed as the current commandant of Lagos chapter of NSCDC. He was replaced by Mr Adesuyi Clement from Oyo State command.

Full details of My Oga at the top’s sack was not revealed but sources revealed that Clement Adesuyi became the new Commandant last week Tuesday.

The Oga at the top saga started during an interview the former NSCDC commandant granted on Channels TV morning program.

He messed up as he couldn’t recall the website of his organization.

When asked about NSCDC official website,he said; “Hmmm, the website is, excuse me, it can only be made known by my Oga at the top ”. He again, cleared his throat and said, “I cannot categorically tell you one now, as my Oga at the top is working on the website and I don’t have them”.

According to inside sources, Obafaiye Shem was initially suspended for the TV goof however, his sack has been ordered by the Minister of Interior, the man who supervises the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps.

29 thoughts on “My Oga At the Top Obafaiye Shem Replaced By Adesuyi Clement – Ex-NSCDC Commandant Sacked

  1. 4 GOD sakes, y should he be sackd? Who doesn’t make mistake? No body is perfect, he was suspended and den sacked? Datz 2 bad…d tinz dat need attention d govt won’t give attention….he’s is jux a mistake, jux dat d media took it 2 far

  2. God has his way of doin tinz.if it is 4 me i wil advice u 2 go into comedy or music people wil lov u if u were to b an intertainer**everybdy jst open him brown teeth dey laf”my oga at d top”c waitin e don cuz 4 d man nw….

  3. Utter rubbish! Arrant nonsense!! I’m really upset about how this has eventually played out. Why do we always leave the substance and chase shadows? Why dis hypocrisy? Higher govt officials do worse things and are allowed to be.As if we are all perfect in our ways. Was he found wanting in his other duties? Hope all those who ”contributed” to blowing dis way out of proportion would be proud of themselves now. I leave you al to ur conscience. Cheers

  4. It a pity, a real pity that when top government officials make mistake it will be wave off but when a low profile officer make mistake justice will take his course.

  5. the first lady has made worse mistakes of which no one is above. English na our papa language? If no be expo, na all dis our yeye leaders for make english in WAEC? This is provoking jawe!

  6. God will not forgive those journalist, that course that man to loose is job.bcs notting special in this case 4 God seek!!!!.

    • So unfair! In a nation where it’s so dfklt 2get a job yet a job could b lost b4 ‘please’ is spelt. Dat minister wz 2 harsh. GEJ shd intervene here.

  7. Nigeria my Nigeria, wen will we eva be true 2 ourselves? Now dey sack d innocent man, wot about d person dat employed him? Wot about our dubious n devilish politicians who give dis con3 worse image both within n outside d con3? God will judge plenty things o!

  8. Hmmmm ,u all has said it all. It is very very bad to sacked him. If i may ask them wetin d man do ?mistake ba? What about those at d top where dey make mistakes pass d man ,i no mention person name ooo.

  9. Hmm…Mr Shem Obafaiye was sacrificed by the Establishment to cover up their evil deed of employment racketeering and incompetence of the IT Department of NSCDC and the ineptitude of the Interior ministry. God save us all.Amen. I do hope that he only ‘earned’ a redeployment and not outright sack for that mistake

  10. if truly he has to be sacked how about mr president wife patience jonatan,dat blow grammmer almsot evryday of her life.but na wa oh

  11. All the man needs is proper education, not being sacked. does sacking him change the fact that he screwd up during an interview?
    if it were 2 b a governor wld he b impeached???

  12. I think the whole blame should not be upon Mr shem alone, what do you expect when doctor’s work is been given to capenter????!!!! Imagine some one working in national assembly was ask to present three (3) candidate for the NSCDC recruitement simply because he has the opportunity of been in the national assembly, and this man went to his village and brought three of his brothers who have been in the farm all their life to join the NSCDC without any form of interview or screening… Now tell me if those three officers were ask to recite ”National anthem” in any radio or TV programm and they mess up whose fault is it????? Meanwhile, the applications and CV’s of those who merite the possition were thrown into the trash been, simply because they do not have godfathers…… So, my big question is; before Mr Shem was made commandant of NSCDC Lagos state charpter was he not properly screened????? If he was then who screened him and certisfy that he is good for the job because such person/s have some questions to answer……. MAY GOD BLESS THE POOR AND BE THE VOICE TO THE VOICELESS…….

  13. If the con3 has raise a new law and purnishment for Grammatical error lets start from our First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan, who in her speech said ” MY HUSBAND IN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN ON EARTH ” and lots more which we all know very well. stop oppressing the poor in this con3. God be with us.

  14. This is total madness in a God forsaken system of government!How on earth would someone sack a boss simply because he did not remember or I don,t care because he did not know the website of his Commission?????!!!!! Some of the so called senators cannot even recite the two national anthems and the pledge (symbols of national identity) claiming they had a different version when in various levels of school. I do not know this man, Mr Adesuyi Clement but the sack thing is not only unjustified but shameful. I think it is high time the Nigerian government face more pressing issues like Boko Haram, displaced citizens due to natural disasters, job creation,power failure, good road network, the list is long folks and forget about people not speaking correct English on air,afterall the Educational system isn’t that encouraging itself compared to what we have seen even in smaller countries here in Africa. I am preaching qualitative education where the teachers are fully dedicated because they are equally fully motivated and adequately recruited….

  15. He may be relieved before the occurence of any danger. But this is very very unfair anybody can make a mistake at any time, afterall his spoken english was okay that day. Goverment should remeber that there are some delegates in the house of representative who was proided with an interpreter before he was interviewed. He was not sacked. This is a stiff penalty for the NSCDC boss

  16. My oga at the top saga was meant to be a fun, a comedy, and not a tragedy. It shoulnt have cost him his job. I want to believe he was redeployed. But trully, only the oga at the top has the power to disclose such info. Maybe they hadnt any.


  18. Dis life in naija is so sad dat our so called government does not even care about d oga at d top was more like a comedy show so i see no reason why mr shem would be sacked.we even havew worst politicians who cover up wit primary skul english meanwhile they know notin for example patience jonathan who blows up d screen of everybody wit englisa sayin”i donate my family on behalf of 10 million naira” stupid ijaw illiterate woman.god save my oga at the top amen.

  19. this is very unfair,nd I will put the blame on channels tv,they sold have covered him up instead of allowing the members of the public to see his mistake. Nobody is above mistake,even u pple at channels tv make silly mistakes too. It isn’t fair at all

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