Nigerian Actor Kelvin Ikeduba: “I’m Not Dead – How God Saved Me From Accidental Death”


kelvin ikeduba accident dead

Feb 24, 2013 – Nigerian Actor Kelvin Ikeduba: “I’m Not Dead – How God Rescued Me From Accidental Death”

Nigerian actor Kelvin Ikeduba who is currently thanking God for a miraculous escape from a tragic motor accident that left him and his friend stranded for over 15 minutes in a somersaulted car from Ibadan to Abeokuta has come open to thank God for safety.

Below is what Kelvin Ikeduba told said about his accident few hours ago:

After an all night work in Ibadan, I was driving with a close friend of mine from Ibadan to Abeokuta right after the environmental sanitation that usually take place on Saturdays.

All of a sudden, a car ran into us but we tried to dodge it. Our car lost control and it somersaulted three times. Myself and my friend were left stranded in the above car for over fifteen minutes.

We kept on praying for divine intervention and I must confess this is the longest 15 minutes wait time of my life.

And thanks be to God, our prayers was answered after some people came to rescue us.

I suffered a few bruises in the accident but I thank God I’m alive.

Thanks to God for averting another disaster in Nollywood.

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