Nigerian Actor Kunle Afolayan Predicts His Own Death “I May Die Soon”


kunle afolayan deathkunle afolayan may die soon

Sept 29, 2013 – Nollywood Actor Kunle Afolayan Predicts His Own Death “I May Die Soon”

Talented Nigerian movie producer Kunle Afolayan has dropped a bombshell comment on the heart of his fans worldwide.

The ace filmmaker took to his Facebook page few days ago to tell fans his hectic work schedule might eventually end his life.

The busy movie star who has been working non-stop to meet his movie premiere deadline of October 1st, took to Facebook to share his darkest thoughts.

Hear Kunle Afolayan as he predicts his own death below;

‘My Obsession with filmmaking makes me think I may not live long’.

‘I got back to Lagos yesternight (sic) very tired and sleepy after 42days of shoot, got home ate then went to bed. All I see throughout my sleep are the shots I took and those that I felt I should have done differently. Woke up this morning and all I have in my head is the deadline of the trailer release which in October 1, 2013, in about 11 days and the completion of the whole project. Yes, am very passionate about film making but I think being too obsessed is not healthy. What do you guys think?’

Of what use is killing yourself when you know you have just one life to live?

My candid opinion: Take life easy so as to enjoy the works of your hand.

Create enough time to take proper care of yourself.

Lack of rest can result in serious and life threatening health problem like high blood pressure and even stroke. It may even cause sudden heart attack.

Guys please tell Kunle Afolayan what you think.