Nigerian Actor Kunle Afolayan Predicts His Own Death “I May Die Soon”

kunle afolayan deathkunle afolayan may die soon

Sept 29, 2013 – Nollywood Actor Kunle Afolayan Predicts His Own Death “I May Die Soon”

Talented Nigerian movie producer Kunle Afolayan has dropped a bombshell comment on the heart of his fans worldwide.

The ace filmmaker took to his Facebook page few days ago to tell fans his hectic work schedule might eventually end his life.

The busy movie star who has been working non-stop to meet his movie premiere deadline of October 1st, took to Facebook to share his darkest thoughts.

Hear Kunle Afolayan as he predicts his own death below;

‘My Obsession with filmmaking makes me think I may not live long’.

‘I got back to Lagos yesternight (sic) very tired and sleepy after 42days of shoot, got home ate then went to bed. All I see throughout my sleep are the shots I took and those that I felt I should have done differently. Woke up this morning and all I have in my head is the deadline of the trailer release which in October 1, 2013, in about 11 days and the completion of the whole project. Yes, am very passionate about film making but I think being too obsessed is not healthy. What do you guys think?’

Of what use is killing yourself when you know you have just one life to live?

My candid opinion: Take life easy so as to enjoy the works of your hand.

Create enough time to take proper care of yourself.

Lack of rest can result in serious and life threatening health problem like high blood pressure and even stroke. It may even cause sudden heart attack.

Guys please tell Kunle Afolayan what you think.

31 thoughts on “Nigerian Actor Kunle Afolayan Predicts His Own Death “I May Die Soon”

  1. Guys please read behind his comment Kunle Afolayan is battling suicide.
    I use to know this guy he is very unfulfilled on the home front
    May God help you

  2. Ecclesiastes 9:10 ► Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.

  3. If u have over worked urself , take a break and go for a vacation.what’s d meaning of making if u can’t it while alife?.l don’t.don’t forget that there is power in d tounge, d world was created and distrctured by d same weapon.l don’t know so would’t be d one standing before every body telling that u have d heart of gold and that u were planing to build massion in mars for d motheless babies or u were on a quest to make HIV and cancer drugs.make it available to d poor masses free of if ur mind or body is speaking in another lang to u rebuke it u are too fu**ing young and handsome to go and be remember through pics only. when I went to Syria war as a treatment nurse a man. before ur very eye. will get shot while d person right before picks same gun and keep matching ,that’s where we d nurses try as much me can to save life’,d nurses don’t fight with weapon we fight to. save life and that’s. why am called Red.for those who have gone to war and make back slice will hate seeing people fight will ever airport at all.thank God am done with d treatment. at war front but d nightmare is like a second skin that is why u see me(naijagist) sharing jokes with people and trying to forget MR KUNLE IF. YOU DROP DEATH OR IT CAMERA SOMEBODY WILL PICK IT AND KEEP GOING FORWARD.the question here is will that solve d problem and can iur. family move forward. I don’t direct ur life but get a real man of God and talk to him.stay sweet becos kids at d village are waiting for their xmas bread from uncle Kunle if am right, correct me if am wrong I welcome corrections not stupidity.stay sweet.

  4. U have 2 kip on prayin bt 4 dt comment of dyin stop it coz is nt u hv 2do is 2 reduce presure an stress money makin is nt 2 kill ur self.atlest u hv done well an enough leav d rest 4 God

  5. I think is better you die sooner, as your religion said if you die you will go to paradise, a peaceful place and a better place, then you will be able to make more films over there, please do not forget to take along all your lovers and those you think they should go to paradise with you, and do not forget to take along all your camerals and other equipment and if possible take along some professional actresses and actor , please help me greet my mum and dad. wish you good luck over there, please do come back to tell us all what you have filmed there.

  6. Hahaha, I like people like this guy, people with boldness, at least this guy is a hero, he just predict half of it, let me predict the full death date, he will die oct 1st along with Goodluck jonathan, RIP the both of u, hahahaha very funny boy


  7. He knows what he did b/4, he is ogboni, don’t even dare and say My Obsession with filmmaking makes me think I may not live long, just stop lieing because u are a cultist, die soon kunle that’s what I think

  8. Becareful what you wish for yourself Mr. Afolayan bcus you might just get it. Suiciding yourself is abomination to the highest order. Every hard-working man needs rest. You must always find time to sleep uninterrupted and eat full balanced diet including fruits and veggies. Stop negative thought please. Get yourself close to family as well. You should hope to enjoy what you labored for. Don’t sign your death certificate aforetime. Its normal to dream of what you love best especially work related. Take it easy bro.

  9. I believe there is more to this than meets the eye. Like someone said, maybe you belong to a cult and you are indirectly trying to misdirect the people should your time be up. Any way whether true or not, there is only one person that can give true peace and everlasting life which is Our Lord Jesus Christ. Turn to him for deliverance and after He does deliver you, you can sincerely make the world most applauded film which will indeed turn the heart of many to God.

  10. A man frustrated in life wanted to commit suicide, but all his efforts to do so were stopped by people, he went and sat under a tree, when heavy breezes started blowing then a branch of the tree now cut and was coming down straight on the man’s head, the man who wanted to commit suicide could not wait a second to run and leave the place. So guy, take it easy and live long!

  11. d wrld is a market place, whn ur basket full u go home. Guyz, he alone knws his given date and time. Death is inevitable, good luck 2 u.

  12. Pls do quick, @ least nigerian population will reduce! Abeg die ASAP make we know aw many people remain! RIP in advance! Regards to my grandfathers!

  13. Some people just talk like fools buh MR kunle it is well wateva u r goin tru right now just kneel down n pray 2 ur God and I knw it shall come 2 past

  14. Ppl r funning sha …look @wat u r sayin..tellin him 2 die dt means u gys r Ready 2 die wth him too… MR kunle Jst be cool nd dnt wish urself death,gv urself time 2 rest cox if u die d industry wil move on…jst tlk 2 God 2 gv u peace

  15. kunle i dnt hv much to say, but what u need for now is rest and eat allot of fruit. And dont ever predict your own death cause i assure u will live long to see your grandchildreen.

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