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Nigerian Actress Tracy Daniels Says Husband’s Ex-Lover Crashed Her Marriage To Indian Millionaire

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Nigerian Actress Tracy Daniels Says Husband’s Ex-Lover Crashed Her Marriage To Indian Millionaire

tracy daniels marriage crashed

March 15, 2015 – Nollywood Actress Tracy Daniels Says Husband’s Ex-Lover Crashed Her Marriage To Indian Man, Millionaire

On the 7th of April 2012, Golden Girls star Tracy Daniels married a wealthy Indian expatriate in Ebonyi state but sadly the marriage has crashed.

In an exclusive chat with The Entertainer, the Nollywood actress opens up on why her marriage of less than 3 years crashed.

See excerpts from the interview below:

Interviewer: Tracy, your marriage came as a surprise. What has changed since you got married, especially between you and sister?

Tracy Daniels: Why should it come as a surprise to people?  Is it that I am not of marriageable age or I didn’t seek permission from the public before getting married? People dissected my marriage until it crashed. I guess those people are happy right now. Some said I married an old Indian man. Is it because he is a chief? Does that suggest he is an old man?  Our people made him chief because of the good things his company did for the community where it operates in Delta State. Please, he is a handsome young man, biko. Others said he is a billionaire and I married him because we were poor. I felt so betrayed. His people read all the nonsense you people were posting on the social media. How do you want them to feel after that? I wouldn’t say we were rich but we were not poor enough for me to sell myself for money. At least, I had produced three movies already in the market even before I met him. I had also featured in over 20 movies and I was well paid. Others said I married him so I can become a foreign citizen.  I cried when I saw that very one. Why should I leave an oil rich nation like Nigeria and go to a third world country for citizenship?  I am not giving this interview to defend my decision or reply my critics but I just want to appeal to our people to be cautious of the things they say on social media.

Interviewer:  What attracted you to him in the first place?

Tracy DanielsHe is a perfect gentle man. He made me fly without wings. He made this wicked world beautiful for me.

Interviewer: Why did you choose to marry an Indian?

Tracy Daniels: The guy met all my criteria plus more. I had set a standard and he met up with it so he became the one.  Unfortunately the marriage crashed irretrievably. I lamented the loss of my happiness. Many things happened that I couldn’t understand. It was like some forces conspired to fight my happiness. The gods lifted me up then let me fall! They put me on a royal seat in marriage and cut my celebration short and put me back in this cold market of singlehood. I am done crying; I am moving from the victim mode and activating my survivor mode. If divorce is one of the paths God wants my destiny to take, I have gone through it. The pain is too much; I don’t wish it for my enemy. It is one thing I feared so much but it has happened. I have cried but I survived. Most importantly, God healed me of bitterness. I am full of forgiveness and peace, that is why I am talking about it now in the media.

Interviewer:  What actually was the cause of the marriage break up?

Tracy Daniels: He was still deeply involved with his past relationship. The interference was so much it did not allow us move forward. Someone from his past would not let go and he wasn’t strong willed enough to resist, so he bowed to the pressure and gave up on our dreams.

Interviewer: What lessons have you learnt from the experience?

Tracy Daniels: The major one is to always forgive. Second is that things are not always the way you think. I learnt to give people a chance to explain situations. I also learnt not to judge any matter or take sides till I have heard extensively from both parties.

Interviewer:  What kind of man do you want in your next marriage?

Tracy Daniels: I want a gentleman who honours, respects and appreciates womanhood. I want a real man. And he should be able to hold his grounds and play his role as the head of a family. I want a man who is not threatened by a woman’s success. I want a man who submits to Almighty God in fear.



  1. sharton

    March 15, 2015 at 12:13 PM

    Eyaah indian man break ur heart well a good man coming to make u happy again my peace of advice for u is to stay calm and be urself.

  2. fairjudge

    March 15, 2015 at 5:09 PM

    Oh i feel your pains baby ,don’t worry God will wipe your tears

  3. justme

    March 15, 2015 at 9:12 PM

    Oh! Pity!I feel for you,Nigerians comments on social media are destroying lives and the country, infact a lot of people have changed their minds from coming to invest in Nigeria because of the hate comments they read on social media, so I can understand her pain about negative comments, bloggers are doing more harm to the country than the politicians,they upload every comment without caring about the effect it has and they forget that their is karma,I have decided to quit visiting blogs regularly,they do more damage than good,wit too much hate comments. 2ndly women shouldnt be too desperate to get married and also be at alert when someone from his past keep calling,try to find out his commitment level to his ex before going ahead,a although some people may pretend but God will definitely expose them, and Tracy it is a good thing you left on time,you will find a good man sooner than you expect,just be more prayerful and forget what people say,those laughing too much do not know what may befall them or even their children later in life,let’s all be careful not to hurt people deliberately with words.

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