Nigerian Army Jails, Demotes Soldiers Who Attacked Disabled Chijioke Uraku In Onitsha


nigerian army jails soldiers attack chijioke uraku

Feb 10, 2017 – Nigerian Army Jails, Demotes Officers Who Attacked Disabled Chijioke Uraku In Onitsha

Nigerian Soldiers Who Attacked Onitsha Crippled Man Chijioke Uraku Jailed, Demoted 

The power-hungry army officers who attacked a defenseless civilian in Onitsha last week for wearing military uniform have been demoted.

According to the spokesman for the Nigerian Army, Brig. Gen. Usman Sani, the officers who violated the Nigerian Army code of conduct have been demoted from the rank of corporals to Private solders.

Usman added that the violators have also been sentenced to 21-day imprisonment with Hard Labour.

In addition, they are to forfeit 3 weeks of pay to the FG.

Here is a statement the Nigerian military released today:

Hope this strong step taken by the Nigerian Army will deter other power hungry soldiers like Suliaman who attacked a Nollywood actress last week.

5 thoughts on “Nigerian Army Jails, Demotes Soldiers Who Attacked Disabled Chijioke Uraku In Onitsha

  1. In my view, that is not a enough punishment for that criminal and animal in military uniform. General USman Sani should be ashamed of himself for publicly anouncing that rediculious punishment to Nigerian people. The powerless and defenseless cripple man should be compensated with huge sum of money for the beating, molestation, and public redicules. Its a shame to see those that are charged with the responsibility of protecting and defending our people are the same ones killing, beating, and humiliating them on the streets. Shame, shame, and shame.

    • Dear Omokehinde: I feel your frustration and anger at the rather slap on the wrist punishment meted to these two uniformed savage brutes. However, it could have been nothing. The ‘animals in military uniform’ could have walked free and we could have done nothing. So let’s be grateful for the small victory and commend the Nigerian army leadership for at least taking action and serving notice to other soldiers out there who feel all powerful to dehumanize fellow Nigerians.

  2. I COULD say this is not commensurate with the offence committed by the army officers. But we may be consoled that if every case of military personnel indiscipline is treated like this, it could deter the rest from behaving like brutes.

  3. They suppose to send them to Boko haram forest to look for the allegedly remaining girls in addition to that punishment.


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