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Why Most Bloggers In Nigeria & Africa Fail & Stop Blogging; Common Mistakes Bloggers Make

why nigerian bloggers fail quit blogging

Most Bloggers In Nigeria & Africa Fail & Quit Blogging Because They Are Not Making Money From Their Blogs..

See Common Mistakes Bloggers Make

Shortly after an event in Ile Ife on Friday, I met with about 15 bloggers who had earlier requested for paid consultation . It is not free, I charged each of them N15,000 each .

Time is money isn’t it???. But at the end of the day, they all left re-charged and motivated with a renewed mindset because I showed them lot of proofs that Linda Ikeji or any other mouthed bloggers in Nigeria can’t produce. Don’t mind them, empty barrels make the most noise.

In the meeting that held yesterday, I got to know why most bloggers in Nigeria have dumped their blogs.

One of them even told me he started way before Bella Naija, the first known blogger in Nigeria but quit due to lack of ideas.

Although I will not be sharing with you the top 10 secrets I shared with them yesterday, but I will leave you with 4 key points.

Here is why most bloggers in Nigeria quit.

(1) Linda Ikeji Syndrome

This is to all bloggers in Nigeria, stop believing make-believe stories you read online from self confessed bloggers who claim to be making millions through their blogs when infact all they depend on is money from their sugar daddies.

So if you want to be rich in blogging, stop trying to reach Linda Ikeji level overnight. It is the fastest way to fail because blogging is not Linda’s main source of wealth.

(2) Wrong Niche.

Do you  know that 92% of bloggers in Nigeria are into gossip and news niche.

These people rush into creating news, gossip blog with no unique gift. A lot have called it quit just because they do not have what it takes to be a gossip blogger.

Although I will never advise anyone to make others cry with damaging and suicide-inducing gossip like Linda Ikeji did, to be a gossip blogger, you must first possess the  gift **wink** in person before you can bring it online.

For instance a chatter box will make a good gossip blogger.

If you don’t have that in you, quit your gossip blog now and go with a niche you are comfortable with.

There are lot of niches and sub-niches out there. Health and wellness, Education, Information, Marriage, etc.

I help people to discover their niche… Read on to find out more.

(3) Inconsistency

If  you are not consistent as a blogger, you will lose your fans. A blogger with no content for 3 days will easily loose all the traffic he(she) has been working for over the years.

So to stay in the game, you must be consistent in posting unique contents daily.

And when you copy other people’s contents, give them credit but don’t make it a habit because you will never grow if you don’t write unique contents.

(4) Copy-blogging and Lack Of Unique Ideas

While it is ok to take ideas from others, it is not cool to consistently copy contents from other bloggers. If you have no unique idea of your own, you shouldn’t have become a blogger in the first place.

So my friends, to stay on top of your game, you have to be consistent, creative and unique. You don’t have to carry all the news in the world but the little you carry must be life-changing and interesting.

I challenge you to be different today.

(5) Patience

Blogging is not a make money quick thing. If you are in it to start making money in your first month, you are merely joking. It takes time, mastery and training in order to become an authority blogger.

Popular columnist Tony Ogunlowo once asked me the secret of my success and my simple answer to him was “dedication”.

In his reply, he accused me of keeping secret…. His reply got me laughing because the only success of over the years is nothing but dedication.

I’m not only an anointed blogger (Yes o!!!), I was once a blogging addict (not anymore though).

There were days when my hubby will shut disconnect the internet to get me to stop in my early days of blogging. It is not funny guys, that explains the level of attention and dedication I gave to this blog even before we hired any staff.

For those who remembered the days of, you will understand where I’m coming from but today, I have something tangible to show for it.

Blogging has made me a millionaire yes it is possible but not a multi-millionaire like my offline businesses did (this is a correction to my previous post).

How Nigerian Bloggers Make Money

(1) Consultation work.

At least 5 top Nigerian media houses have  hired me to help with their site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the power behind any website. Yes I got paid cool money and I still work with a few of them today.

(2) Ads from big companies.

Top telecommunication companies like Glo, MTN and banks pay really good money to get bloggers to feature their promos but they can’t pay you enough to buy a mansion in Banana Island. It is only a notorious liar that will tell you that. May God forgive notorious liar Linda L. Ikeji for misleading poor and gullible Nigerians.

(3) Adsense

Here is where most bloggers quit because they only rely on adsense for their income. Bloggers who only depend on income from adsense don’t last because income from this type of ad can never sustain your blog especially if you are on a dedicated server.

For all struggling bloggers out there, is here to help una.

If you need help with anything, feel free to reach out to me at

Note: I don’t give advice for free because time is money. If you are seriously interested in taking your blog to another level, I will help you if you can pay.

I do custom theme development, keyword research, Search Engine Optimization (On-page and off-page SEO), create professional blog from start to finish and many others .

If you run out of ideas on what to write about, I can supply you with over 1000 long tail, low competition keywords to keep your blog going without much SEO effort.

Let me stop here.

Wishing you all the best.


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  1. Damien Njoku

    October 20, 2018 at 1:29 AM

    Whaoo my dear, can you lower the cost a bit. I’m interested in consulting with you. I have a fashion blog which has been idea dry since 2016. How can I get it going. I was one of your readers before I started it
    Pls give me discount

  2. Walita

    October 20, 2018 at 10:06 AM

    my friend you are an asset. SEO is the blood line and you got it right. from all you said I know you are an expert.
    I will drop an email now. am in Kenya how do I get your help

  3. Tony Ogunlowo

    October 20, 2018 at 3:25 PM

    C’mon lady! Give me a break! I only asked how you’ve managed to be so successful( perhaps some it can rub off on me the ‘newbie’) and who you were.
    I run my own blog as you know( and I love it and its fun because I share with my followers my interests(Which are vast!).My income comes from not just click-thru adverts but affiliate companies and sponsored ads.
    All the best
    Tony Ogunlowo

  4. David

    December 29, 2018 at 10:53 PM

    Blogging in nigeria is becoming a quick source to make money online these days

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