Nigerian Comedian Bovi’s Wife Gives Birth To Baby Girl In The US

comedian bovi wife gives birth

Sept 26, 2013 – Nigerian Comedian Bovi’s Wife Gives Birth To Baby Girl In The US

Popular Nigerian comedian Bovi is a happy father now. His beautiful wife, Mrs Christabel gave birth to their second child on Wednesday September 25, 2013 in the far away country of America.

The beautiful bundle of joy arrived exactly 8:47pm last night. The excited father of two took to his Twitter page today to share his excitement with fans;

“And the greatest gift of all just arrived. My beautiful daughter just arrived – 8:47pm. Celebrate with us!!!”

comedian bovi twitter

Check out another photo of Comedian Bovi’s wife on hospital bed.

comedian bovi wife gives birth

Congrats to the couple.

For those who do not know him, he was the funny guy who proposed to his girlfriend in a comedy skit few weeks back. Watch the video here.

9 thoughts on “Nigerian Comedian Bovi’s Wife Gives Birth To Baby Girl In The US

  1. I don see this as US hospital why is she not wearing the hospital gown they rap the baby like African pple the bed even is not like bed in over sea hospital why did the nurses cover their mouth and nose has she got infection eg TB oh my pple let us be ourself low self esteem can kill easily well thank God for safe delivery .

  2. @ Toto ki lo de? Why all they negatives? Nigerians sha, Bad mouth….

    Congratulate them first, even if the new born and her parent offended you.


  3. Hi Toto,am a nurse and this is what everybody in d Labour room puts on take a good at d pic u will see d wiring above d bed that’s to enable d person in d bed page d nurses with easy.d gown she is putting on is for all admitted people.I was told that if u wrap babies like that it relaxed them and give them good. Posture but that’s for a few days.u must wear those outfit to avoid contamination d baby bcos they are still very delicate and can be easily infected that’s if u are to have contact with d baby b4 d necessary test are carried out.check d mom’s hand it got her tag.

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