Nigerian Couple Gives Birth To Conjoined Twins In Abuja (Photo)

conjoined twin babies in abuja

July 6th, 2013 – Unemployed Nigerian Couple Gives Birth To Conjoined Twins In Abuja (Picture)

A day of joy has turned into mourning for unemployed Nigerian couple based in Abuja.

Mr Elisha & Patience Bassey welcomed a set of conjoined twins to their family on Tuesday the 2nd of July 2013.

Mr Bassey, a 32-year-old Akwa Ibom indigene married his 30-year-old wife few years ago.

The conception news of Patience brought so much joy to the family.

Around 7pm on the afromentioned date, their joy turned sadness when they discover that their babies are joined from the stomach and chest down.

The twin babies have 3 legs joined together with one intestine, a liver and a kidney.

The Conjoined twins have been transfered to Abuja National Hospital from Luna Hospital in Gwarinpa where they were delivered.

Their mother is still in the hospital recovering from Caesarean section.

According to their father, the Ultrasound sound scan didn’t reveal any abnormalities.

“The scan was done but we were not informed that it was conjoined twins. When we were told that the babies were twins, we were all happy. For now, my wife is still in the hospital, although not fully recovered. But she is responding to treatment.” – Mr Bassey said

Only God knows the fate of these innocent conjoined twins.

So sad!

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