Nigerian Couple Poisoned By Beninese Cooks, House Boys In Lekki Lagos Flown Abroad For Treatment


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June 17, 2015 – Nigerian Couple Poisoned By Cooks, House Boys From Benin Republic In Lekki Lagos Flown Abroad For Food Poisoning Treatment

Pictured above is David Amusu (left) and Victor Hounkpe (right). They are both cooks from the Republic of Benin.

The two were recently arrested after they allegedly poisoned their employer’s meal.

Read their confessional statement below;

“I am from the Benin Republic. I came to Nigeria in 2007. I have always worked as a cook in Lagos. David was the agent who brought me to the couples’ house. He was the one who gave me the substance to put inside the soup. He told me the substance was a sleeping pill. The plan was that everyone would fall asleep.

“They wanted to steal gold and other valuables. I put the substance inside the vegetable soup. It was a powdery substance. I had worked with them for about a month. The couple did not offend us. They were to pay me N50,000 monthly. We just wanted them to sleep off. I ran to the Ogudu area after the incident to pick up another job. That was where I was arrested.” – said 34-year-old Victor

33-year-old David said:

“I was a former cook in the house. I was the one who brought Victor (Hounkpe). On the fateful day, when Victor finished cooking the soup, he called me to say the job had been done. But then, we learnt that the couple was rushed to a hospital after falling unconscious. So, we fled the area.”

Lagos Police Commissioner, Aderanti warned residents to be careful of the kind of people they allow to work in their homes and places of work.

Aderanti said the couple has been flown to London for emergency life-saving surgery as they are not responding to treatment.