Nigerian Customs Online Car Auction Scam: Fraudsters Now Using Facebook To Dupe People


nigerian custom online car auction fraud

August 28, 2013 – Nigerian Customs Service Online Car Auction Is Fraud: Scammers Now Using Facebook To Dupe People

You must have come across several comments on Facebook about Nigeria Customs auctioning seized vehicles, please beware don’t fall victim of this new online scam.

According to sources, Yahoo fraudsters have ventured into NCS car auction as their latest way of duping unsuspecting victims.

The fraudsters have gone to the extend of opening over 37 Facebook accounts with the official logo of NCS with some of them bearing the photos of customs Comptroller General, Dikko Abdullahi.

Here are some sample ads currently going viral on Facebook

Your life time opportunity is here again. The NCS is currently giving out impounded vehicles at a cheaper rate, at affordable auction prices. First hand Tokunbo cars, which have never been used in Nigeria.

“These cars were seized as a result of illegal importation into the country. They are readily available in give-away prices. If you are interested in buying a first-hand cars(sic) at a very cheaper rate, contact officer Bayomi Sanusi on 07061874***.’’

Beware! Don’t be their next victim.