Nigerian Fraudster Arrested In Dubai, Lateef Adedoja In Bur Dubai Police Detention

nigerian fraudster arrested dubai

June 25, 2014 – Nigerian Fraudster Arrested In Dubai For Spending Fake Dollars; Lateef Adedoja Detained By Bur Dubai Police

A notorious con man identified as Lateed Adedoja has been arrested in Dubai for allegedly spending fake currencies, forgery of documents and many other offenses.

The 29-year-old fraudster has been wanted for long before he was eventually arrested in Dubai.

Adedoja duped a Nigerian businessman of 15 million naira. He allegedly collected money in installments from the businessman through his Nigerian bank account but did not keep his own side of their business bargain.

His victim traced him to Dubai and reported him to the police for fraud. Adedoja who has several Nigerians under the guise of being the MD/CEO of a number of companies namely, Nextcom Data Processing Ltd., Data Star Solutions and Pizza Pot Restaurant, all based in Dubai.

Adedoja also allegedly deceived his victims at different times that he was a manufacturers’ representative, bureau de change operator and an employment agent recruiting for companies in the United Arab Emirates.

The suspect allegedly operated from Suite 10, 18th Floor, Silver Tower; Business Bay, Dubai before he was arrested by the police on Wednesday, 18 June, 2014.

He is currently in detention at Bur Dubai Police Headquarter.

5 thoughts on “Nigerian Fraudster Arrested In Dubai, Lateef Adedoja In Bur Dubai Police Detention

  1. Many nigerians are fraudsters in dubai,most of em go in the fake name of studie tru d aids of fake ambassadorz.sme are drug in bokina faso were a weak and poor thinkin ambasador is appointed, many boko haram members in bokina faso

  2. This international image of thing (for Nigerians by Nigerians)! The guy should be seriously dealt with. But, how can one explain it when our leaders would not lead by example?

  3. Now i believe everyday for the thief surely one will be for the owner.lateef is well known peson,he should be well delt with in order to get to the rout of his issue cos he has his other partners here in nigeria named (foluke) scaming people by promissing them job(working visa) in dubai,but will at the end seize there pasport and send nigerians to kish island where they can never get back brother happens to be among the victim of 10 collecting 900 thousand from each victim.i will hurg the government to go deeply to this issue. God bless Nigeria

  4. I wish Nigeria will be divided and we will know who is who.if not some will spoil it in name of all nigerians.

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