Nigerian Fraudster Arrested With 107 Credit Cards; Funsho Babatunde Arrested

nigerian 107 credit cards

Feb 1st, 2014 – Fraudster With Turkish & Nigerian Passport Caught With 107 Citi Bank ATM Cards At Lagos Airport; Funsho Oladimeji Babatunde Arrested

A 36-year old Nigerian, with two different international passports, has been arrested at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, western Nigeria, with 107 Citi Bank credit cards, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA said in a statement on Saturday.

NDLEA said it arrested Funsho Oladimeji Babatunde with the automated teller machine cards concealed inside a luggage during the outward screening of Turkish Airline passengers to Istanbul, Turkey.

The agency airport commander, Hamza Umar, said that the suspect had two international passports bearing his photographs but with different names.

“He had a Nigerian passport with the name Funsho Oladimeji Babatunde and a Turkish passport with the name Kosar Kursat both bearing his photographs,” Umar said.

He said the cards found in his luggage are 68 Citi Interswitch Master cards and 39 Citi Interswitch Visa cards.

The suspect who is a native of Iwo town in Kwara State lives in Surulere Lagos.

The Ordinary National Diploma (OND) graduate at the Kwara Polytechnic was quoted as telling NDLEA officials that he was taking the cards to a friend in Turkey.

“My friend in Turkey called me that I should help in sending the cards to him in Istanbul, Turkey. When I collected the cards in Lagos, I kept them in my bag but during search, the officer saw the cards and took me for interrogation. I am an OND graduate of Economics at the Kwara Polytechnic,” he was quoted as saying.

P.M.NEWS did not have access to the suspect.

NDLEA Chairman, Ahmadu Giade, has directed that the suspect be transferred to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for further investigation, said Mitchell Ofoyeju, NDLEA spokesperson.

“Preliminary investigation suggests that the suspect had unlawful possession of 107 credit cards. The financial instruments are believed to be used for fraudulent purposes since he is not an authorised agent,” Ofoyeju quoted Giade as saying.

[Reported by PM News Lagos]

13 thoughts on “Nigerian Fraudster Arrested With 107 Credit Cards; Funsho Babatunde Arrested

  1. Awon ole how terrible what is he doing with 107 not even 2 or 3.
    Bad egg spoiling Nigeria’s face in the media. Pls jail him for 12 years

  2. what piss me off is their useless reasons for committing such crime..if ur friend tells u to roast ur head in fire..then u will gladly do it..small pikin brain

  3. Ilorin Afonja man claimed to be graduate of OND Economics from Kwara Politechnic, really laughable statement. Millions of Nigerians hold Masters Degree in Economics with some directing traffics accross the country. A big fool like him is not even ashamed to proclaim that publicly. Ilorin Afonja people; that’s what they are good at, hope he survives this.

  4. What an excuse. Funny enough most of drug dealers and the 419s alike caught in the act always share the same story. “My friend asked me to help him/her deliver the message”. Its only retard will buys into such stupid excuses. Most of our girls whose primary job is doing “RUNS – PURE ASHEWO” does likewise. One just have to inquire from any of them on what they do for living. Then,the story would be “I graduated in business Admin., mostly from OAU or LASU, and I was doing well in my business of(buying and selling) until my friends ruined it by taken merchandise(s) from me without paying.” The same dumb stories. Then, one would ponder in his mind that what in the world were you thinking before it got to the point your friends ruin the business. Don’t you have a mind of your own to do things differently? Bunch of shameless people.

  5. Sum ppl gt mind 4 ds world o,esp in nigeria. Chk out na,107 atm cards,bros u try. 2moro,anotha person wil try hs own,whetha he’ll succeed.

  6. @Dave. You have gone too far saying that they will claim to be graduate of biz admin, u didn’t even say that they will claim that they had OND in medicine & surgery from Owo poly. Me I wonder when poly begin offer Economics as a course o. Let others know that everyday na for thief one day na for CATCH YOU ALL.

  7. @Olusina the comment is actually meant for the Naija babes who makes profession out of doing RUNS-ASHEWO. I’m yet to come across one that would lay on such claim. However, the irony is most of these ladies don’t have a clue on whether or not the person questioning them is out to help. Of course they lives a deceitful lifestyles therefore its hard for them to be honest with their claims. God help them sha its boils down on the situation of the Country.

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