Nigerian Hajj Pilgrim Caught With Kolanuts In Saudi Arabia Fined N860,000

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August 15, 2016 – Nigerian Hajj Pilgrim Caught With Kolanuts In Saudi Arabia Fined N860,000

A male Hajj pilgrim from Nigeria caught taking kolanuts to Saudi Arabia has been fined.

The unidentified pilgrim landed in trouble when he imported 10 kolanuts to Saudi this afternoon.

He has been fined 10,000 Saudi Riyals (853897.56 Nigerian Naira).

The Nigerian consulate in Jeddah is still pleading for the pilgrim as he is also facing death sentence.

13 thoughts on “Nigerian Hajj Pilgrim Caught With Kolanuts In Saudi Arabia Fined N860,000

  1. Facing Death sentencing for bringing in Kolanut!!!! I don’t think so. This offender probably an Hausa man loves Kolanut so much that he can’t do without it. Fine is okay but going as far as death sentencing is just too excessive. If that happens then Nigeria as a whole must cut its diplomatic relationship with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia should not capitalize on our bad economy situation by imposing unnecessary sentencing on our citizens. They treat people from US and UK with a lot of respect than all other third world Countries. Even that fine is too excessive. The Saudi Kingdom should realize that every nation has its own delicacy and they should be able to allow people to at least bring in little quantities of food they can enjoy while performing less than a month Hajj.

  2. @Jilo, it should be obey before complaint. Will the man die If he didnt eat kolanut for a month? Thats their law on their soil.

    • @Mabel, that is their law but Kolanut is not a hard drug. This is an edible items just like eating some certain fruits. Saudi can ease that especially during the pilgrim time. Little tolerance doesn’t hurt just for 3 weeks, That law is just too harsh for fellow Muslim brothers performing pilgrimage. I believe they are treating us based on our bad past records. If I can eat Pounded yam, Cassava, Egusi and other African foods in UK or US why can’t I enjoy the same in religious Country like Saudi. We cannot practice this religion as if we are in 17 century. Technology has change the position of things.

  3. Saudi is an islamic country and scores of our nigerian pilgrims going to saudi for hajj are also muslims. For a muslim man to be fined with such substantial amount of money after which he would be executed is too extreme and hateful in nature. It does not demonstrate the spirit of love upon which quranic teachings should be based. And if there is such an existing law in saudi arabia that ban anyone from bringing in even small quantity of what they will consume,then why didn’t saudi arabia embassy in nigeria race this awareness to our nigerian official so that they in turn can instruct our muslim pilgrims before boarding flight to there country in the first place? saudi should overturn those charges against our pilgrim please! No wonder there is a severance of diplomatic ties between them and iran perhaps because of there unacceptable behaviour they’ve been exhibiting toward that nation. They better act as a friendly nation and release our citizen before we will take diplomatic action against them.

  4. D sentencing is just way out of line, death sentence for just kolanut, and a fine.
    So why pay d fine since he would be killed, what sort of babaric sentence is dis.
    Anyway d nigerian embassy or consulate better do something about it, if not then we should all stay in our country and pray. Why is a country dat is meant to be holy now been turned to a bloodbath country.

  5. Its a law & was categorically stated b4 thy took off, why disobeying for God’s sake…to be for warn is to be for arm.

  6. i don’t care if the islamist on this forum will be happy with this but i most say that “your sharia law is just too bad” islamic country is out of it everything death sentence… but come to think of it na do Nigeria currently Don wowo reach 10thousand = 850 thousand chai!!
    #clueless human

  7. it seems you don’t know that there is no repentance in heaven but only on earth so why always death sentence does it help in anyway… nonsense *******
    #clueless human

  8. he knew that it is forbidden to chew or bring such thing there, why taking that risk. let them all sort it sure Nigeria Embassy will not pay the money. they love themselves so some of one them can volunteer and pay for him. besides Buhrai gave them dollars subsidy at rate of 192 naira for all Hajj pilgrimage so he should enough to pay his fine

  9. Thank God its their fellow muslim and that’s to show how heartless this bloody religion is. May Jesus help us

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