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Nigerian Human Traffickers Working With Libyans To Kidnap Fellow Nigerians – Returnee

nigerian traffickers working with libyans to kidnap nigerians

December 23, 2017 – Nigerian Human Traffickers Working With Libyans To Kidnap Fellow Nigerians – Returnee

A graduate of Auchi Polytechnic in Edo state, Mr Unity Aigbogiea has narrated his hellish ordeal in Libya.

The 33-year-old Marketing graduate revealed how he spent 0.5million Naira to get to Libya on the 17th of January 2017.

He added that the person he paid promised to ensure that he entered Germany or Italy.

The man promised him a better life, but instead of the promised better life, what Aigbogiea tasted and witnessed was pure hell. The returnee explained that his journey to hell started when he went to a cafeteria in Libya to eat one day, but was abducted. He said: “I was eating when some Libyans in police uniforms entered the canteen. They grabbed me as if they had been looking for me for a long time. I had never set eyes on them before.

They took me to an illegal camp and tortured me. I saw hell there. I met many Nigerians in that illegal camp. They were tortured every day. They told us to call our families and requested for money for ransom. They told us that we had been kidnapped. I want to thank my family for supporting me.

It was not easy for me, but my family never gave up on me. They sent N400,000 across to the account number of a Nigerian man.” According to him, Nigerians die every day in the camp while others are sold as slaves to construction companies, while women are sold and used as prostitutes.

He added: “The kidnappers released me after my family paid the ransom. I was transferred to five other prisons. None of the camps fed us well.

It was like being moved from one suffering prison to another until the United Nation’s intervention. “The police told us in the prison that if we wanted to go back to our country, we should write down our names. I quickly wrote my name. They took us to the deportation camp. From there, I was brought back to my country.”

Aigbogiea said that his greatest concern was that some Nigerians, who showed interest that they wanted to return to Nigeria, were not allowed by Libyan soldiers, who hid them from UN officials. Uyi Osayuwa, 25, a tiller, also has his own story to tell. Osayuwa, who trades in female wears, explained that he paid N1.2 million into the bank account of one Mr. Friday, who promised to get him to Libya and secure a well-paying job for him. The returnee wanted to get a better job in Libya and had no plans to cross over to any of the European countries.

He said: “

Till date, I have not met the man into whose account I paid money. He used to give me instructions on what to do and not do through the telephone until I got to the North African country. I heard that tilling job was in high demand in Libya.

“I wanted a place where I would be working and taking care of my younger ones and my aged mother. I was arrested by the police four months after I got to Libya. There is a place called Gararesh District, where people, who have technical skills, wait for Libyans who need their services at construction sites. “One day, I was coming from work when I was arrested by the police. They took me to prison. In that prison, they had some Nigerians, who were locked up in containers.”

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1 Comment

  1. Judith Mbano

    December 23, 2017 at 8:49 AM

    nigerian kidnapping nigerians what a feat

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