Nigerian Judge Gives Death Sentence To Robbers: Ikeja High Court Sentenced 2 Men To Death By Hanging

nigerian judge death sentence robbers

September 23, 2016 – Justice Ipaye Of Ikeja Lagos High Court Sentenced Salesman & Trader To Death By Hanging For Robbing Supermarket Manager

Nigerian Judge Gives Death Sentence To Armed Robbers: Justice Ipaye Of Ikeja High Court Sentenced Salesman & Trader Death By Hanging

Justice Oluwatoyin Ipaye of an Ikeja High Court thursday sentenced to death by hanging two young men, Charles Friday and Chidiebere Ani for allegedly robbing one Kingsley Udoka Obasi of about N5 million at Elobus Supermarket, Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos.

The duo, Ani a 20-year-old salesman and Friday, a 22-year old trader were arraigned by the Lagos State Government on a two-count charge of conspiracy and armed robbery.
Justice Ipaye found the duo guilty for committing the crime which took place sometime in 2011 and sentenced them to death by hanging.

The state alleged that the defendants on September 9, 2011 conspired among themselves and robbed one Kingsley Obasi, a manager at Elobus Supermarket while he was conveying the supermarkets daily sales proceeds to a safe location.

The prosecution led by Mr. Akin George, during trial, told the court that while Friday who is also a staff of the supermarket provided the information about the movement of the money, Ani carried out the act by hitting the manager on the head with an iron rod.

The defendants were later arrested by the police and about N399,000 was recovered from them.
“Friday, a salesman who worked at Elobus Supermarket conspired with Ani a trader from Alaba Market to steal money from the supermarket.

“On the day of the robbery, based on the insider information given to Ani by Friday, Ani laid in wait underneath the stairs of the storey building housing the supermarket.

“The manager, Mr. Kingsley Obasi, between 9p.m. and 9.30p.m. uses the stairs to take money to the director’s office.

“When Obasi was heading to the director’s office, he was hit at the back of the head with a metal object by Ani who made away with N5million belonging to the supermarket as well as the manager’s phone,” he said.

The prosecutor also told the court that when the manager regained consciousness, he had no recollection of the robbery but the convicts were caught when Ani was overheard discussing the robbery.

According to George, the offences were in violation of Sections 295 (2)(a) and 297 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011.

Although the duo denied committing the crime, Justice Ipaye insisted that the prosecution had proved the allegation of armed robbery beyond reasonable doubt.

Justice Ipaye subsequent sentenced the duo to death by hanging.


15 thoughts on “Nigerian Judge Gives Death Sentence To Robbers: Ikeja High Court Sentenced 2 Men To Death By Hanging

  1. Wow , short of word , any thing of crime is not acceptable in every society , but giving them death sentence is too much to the level of their crime offense … for my own point of view .

  2. Good for them. Armed robbery and kidnapping have become everyday occurrence in Nigeria. This judge should be commended.
    @Bigdady, i am surprised you did not agree with the sentence. What if the manager had died when he was hit with an iron rod on the head? This is ARMED robbery, not ordinary robbery. The sentence fits the crime and such should be extended to kidnappers and drug trafficking. Kudos to the judge.

  3. In as much I say no to crime, the judgement is too harse! How many politician has bn sentected to death by hanging for looting our dear country? I have seen or heard people kill in broad day light and they are not given such sentences. Just thinking aloud. Thank God the manager didn’t die.

  4. They were minors between 16 and 15 when they committed. These my opnion alternative pu usment should have been given to them nn

  5. Use of weapon to rob is Armed Robbery notwithstanding that the victim did not die and the weapon used is no firearms so kudos to the judge for helping rid the society of two bad eggs. The failure of the victim to recollect the incident, who knows what injury he suffered as a result of being hit on the head.
    May God help Nigeria !

  6. I totally condemned this act of theirs but the sentenced by the judge is way too mean and callous. We do not for any reason condole robbery in our society, also let the judge think about thousands of our politicians walking away freely with our Billions yet none of them is given such a stern sentence. my humble pie.

  7. I WONDER what it is with our judiciary. They are very inconsistent, and flex their full muscles when a commoner is involved. I am very surprised that this is a death sentence.

  8. …. people who loot public treasury and leave us hungry enough people dying of hunger and malnurishment what sentence should they get???

  9. This is a case of armed robbery and attempted murder. so the sentence is just.
    we need to be tough with sentencing of robbers, kidnappers, even 419s, if not all this will not stop.

  10. @sola olaniyi , i wonder if you can read english and understand it very well … what is different from my suggestion and others from this comments … i first of all condemned any thing of crime before said that death sentence is too harsh , is that how i become arm robber ? May God forgive you …

  11. this is insane giving death sentence to someone who stole old blackberry phone what judgemnet will he give all those arm robbers in the goverment that are stilling our money??

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