Nigerian Man, 20 Marries 78-Year-Old Oyinbo Grandma(Wedding Photo)

nigerian man marries white grandma

April 13, 2013  – Nigerian Man Marries 78-Year-Old White Grandmother (Wedding Photo)

According to sources, the 20-year-old Nigerian man pictured to the right of the grandmother above is the latest addition to our league of grandma lovers who have break all odds to officially tie the knot with women twice as old as their mothers.

The unquenchable thirst to travel abroad has blinded so many of them.

The American grandma pictured above is 78-year-old…. Can you imagine the age difference…Haba..

Whether it’s for real or for paper, na dem sabi.

Wishing them happy married life Lol.

24 thoughts on “Nigerian Man, 20 Marries 78-Year-Old Oyinbo Grandma(Wedding Photo)

  1. I no dont y pple wil not see beyond der nose. They seems to 4get dat dey can hussle here in Nigeria,with God on their side,wen de business flourishes,wen dey now begin to live i fulfil live,dey can travel to any country dey lyk too relax or holiday. The money is here in Nigeria. Wat is madness going tru all dis bcos of poverty or living a life overseas. I dont see dis marriage as one based on love.

  2. @ a time I nr 2 blame d young boi na bad country whn we find oursel nai dey cause all dis rubbish, in amagine young boi lik dat, wetin do young gals of his mate whn e be say na old womam whn senior e mama n papa nai e c marry. Wat can we point out frm dis? poverty n bad leaders whn rule us 4 our country 9ja,na God go help us

  3. When your country can not better your life, then you have to source for better greener pasture abroad, and it will be through this way of marrying groundma than smulggling nacotic substance like cocaine: if i may ask do we allow them to smulggle cocaine abroad in able to batter their life or marrying groundma to get visa abroad and better their life?

  4. I imagine hw dey wud luk on top of bed wen dey wl b doin d tin 4 child bearing. Me sef dey luk 4 d 1 wey dey 100yrs 4 mo history hahahahaha!!!:-D 3rd hand

  5. I always wonder y thing fall apart, don’t blame the guy, its written, I destiny can not b change. Poor Nigeria.

  6. This is the one of the Esaus’ of our time.Biblical Esau, lost his destiny and identity bcos of food; despite his crying and pleading, he didn’t regain, but lost them forever. When he bargains with his twice brother Jacob, he didn’t know the meaning and the spiritual implication behind it.But when the time of reward came his eyes opened but it was too late.

  7. congrat my guy,if u cant b dem u join dem spend wat u av nd get wat u wnt,all join,is beta dan bushin drugs dat 1day u end up in jail,my guy go on wit ur life,i wish u d bst.

  8. U pple called him poor guy where do they meet abi na young girls wey no de stay with one man una wan make e marry? some young otekwu self no de tale to kill their husband and ds mama go hollam like a pikin so, allw dem to enjoy de go

  9. Never mind what the living will say,many men and women have allow setan to blinfold them,if you are dead by road accident everybody will say sorry,but now you are alive they still dont want you to leave,you are better than them thats why the envy you,dont mind what people will say…even if you are dead they will still have something to said

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