Nigerian Man Arrested Selling Human Parts In Ilesha Osun State (Photo)

human part seller arrested ilesha osun state

March 13, 2013 – Nigerian Human Part Seller Arrested In Ilesha Osun State (Photo)

The whole community of Oke Ope in Ilesha city, Osun State in Nigeria were thrown into confusion few days ago after a shocking discovery of a human part seller in their area.

After citing the human butcher and a parts seller in the area, the vigilant residents called the Police.

They were immediately arrested by the police. The two evil being are currently in detention.

As at the time of this report, the identity of the man butchered hasn’t been revealed.

The butcher pictured above was caught in the act while dismembering the unidentified man.

Lord have mercy! what is this country turning into?

Haba these people should fear God ooooo.

20 thoughts on “Nigerian Man Arrested Selling Human Parts In Ilesha Osun State (Photo)

  1. God have mercy,that man himself look like gorila,just cut off is head, we dont need this kind of evil person in this world.

  2. only god help us , evrytin is complete in dis small niger, bokoharam . Kiddnapass. Nd even canibals nw? Na wa

  3. He dsrvs to die slowly,cut his ears, remove his fingers, pulled his hair wt a plier until he dies.he who lives by d sword wil die by d sword

  4. Most Nigeria politicians are the one patronizing these human butchers. God is on His throne watching us all, and at the appropriate time He will give rewards of every evil deeds.

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