Nigerian Man Buries Father In BMW X5 Coffin In Mbosi Anambra State..Photos

nigerian man buries father bmw x5 coffin anambra state

Check out the viral photo of a Malaysia-based Nigerian man who buried his father in a brand nee BMW X5 in Anambra over the weekend.

The one of its kind burial ceremony held in Mbosi town in Mbarakpaka Ihiala LGA  of Anambra.

According to social media sources, Azubuike, a well known drug lord is the only son of his father.

In the comment section of the viral post monitored by NG, a source said though Azubuike never built a house for his father, he took it upon himself to bury him in the most expensive ride of the season.

nigerian buries father bmw

The car reportedly cost over 30million naira.

7 thoughts on “Nigerian Man Buries Father In BMW X5 Coffin In Mbosi Anambra State..Photos

  1. Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. I hope when this man was alive, he had best of the best of everything he wanted? If not then, this show off is nothing to write home about.

  2. Three vices behind the stupid show of shame..illiteracy,ritual sacrifice and low self u father never had a feel of enjoying nothing but an opulence ease from his gene who chose the rugged way by playing the devils man syndrome

  3. Display of stupidity….that environment attests his foolishness, Africa, especially Nigeria or black race have a long way to go.

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