Nigerian Man Commits Suicide In UK Prison For Fear Of Deportation – “He Told Me He Had Nothing To Live For” – Prison Officer

nigerian man sucide uk deportation

Jan 25, 2013 – Nigerian Man Commits Suicide In UK Prison For Fear Of Deportation – “He Told Me He Had Nothing To Live For” – Prison Officer

Riliwanu Balogan was found hanged at Glen Parva Young Offender’s Institute in Leicester in 2011, a day after his 21st birthday.

The inquest heard he had told staff he had nothing to live for. The hearing coincided with the release of a report which said the centre had improved but there were still problems.

The jury inquest, which finished Thursday, January 24, 2013, heard Mr Balogan moved to the UK when he was seven-years-old and spent much of his childhood in institutions. He was transferred to Glen Parva, which holds men aged 18 to 21, in April 2011 to await deportation.

The morning he was found hanged on 8 May 2011 he was assessed by staff after cutting himself.

Paul Mayfield, a senior prison officer, said at the hearing: “He told me he had nothing to live for. He said ‘I’ll be deported back to Nigeria. I’ve got no-one back there. I’ll be living in the slums.

He was taken to Leicester Royal Infirmary after staff tried to revive him but died a week later.

The hearing also heard he had a string of previous convictions and that at the end of April he struggled to speak to a nurse because he was sobbing so hard.

An interim report by the Inspectorate of Prisons showed the institute was “making sufficient progress” since its last inspection in 2009.

Inspectors, who visited after Mr Balogan’s death, said they were pleased to see improvements in the management of vulnerable prisoners and that suicide and self-harm was “generally well-managed”. But concerns were raised over dirty accommodation and the limited amount of time detainees spent outside their cells.

On Thursday, the jury recorded a verdict of misadventure.

[Source: BBC UK]

11 thoughts on “Nigerian Man Commits Suicide In UK Prison For Fear Of Deportation – “He Told Me He Had Nothing To Live For” – Prison Officer

  1. Nigeria z part of the country dat prefers death than life. Z nt a new thing dat a nija man who supose 2 be deported sucide. Since he said he has nth to live for let him go.

  2. Poor Man,21yrs, he came to UK ,age 7,spent 14 yrs in Uk, still no document to stay and he knows only Uk not Nigeria.

  3. pls ds security official&s authority concerned should do something about deportation.we know dt”heads are heads but some are rotten.may his soul rest in perfect peace.

  4. May the blood of this guy be upon GEJ and his co-armed robbers!!! If Nigeria was made so difficult when he(GEJ)was growing up without shoes,he would have either committed suicide or become a refugee like this guy or both.If Nigeria was conducive for youths and adults alike,nobody would run to that racially biased desert called UK .
    I dont trust UK officials,they are racists,their government is racist and they are all liars!!! Otherwise,why did an official of an institution who suppose to protect and correct inmate hear such statement from an inmate and he did not report it or put the guy on suicide watch? They are liars!!!

  5. I don’t give a f*** about United Kingdom, I don’t like a place where women are ruler that made the man dumbs, sorry I ain’t against women leading but all I want to say is; The British has the worst colony in the world, and after the whole mare they’ve caused they are still deporting. Anyway I gat no biz in there; but they needed to be probe cos they can’t happen to their own citizen and they accepting it.
    Red neck azz people, racist azz mufugah.
    Canada is where I’m based n Salinas California is where my block at.

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