Nigerian Man Killed Nephew For Bed-wetting In London – Ben Igbinedion Guilty Of Murder


nigerian man beats nephew to death in London

Nov 8, 2013 – Nigerian Man Beats His Nephew To Death For Bed-wetting In London –  Ben Igbinedion Found Guilty Of Murder

A 43-year-old Nigerian man identified as Ben Igbinedion is cooling off in a London jail for killing his nephew.

3-year-old Daniel Evbuowman met his untimely death in the hand of his angry uncle in the wee hours of Saturday 2nd of March, 2013.

Ben Igbinedion reportedly attacked the innocent boy after discovering urine on the bed they both shared.

Moments after the brutal assault that left the little boy unconscious, he quickly placed the child in a different bed, but when other family members tried to wake Daniel in the morning, they found him unresponsive. Daniel was taken to a hospital where he died.

During his trial, the court heard that Daniel was put in the care of Igbinedion, who was also left in charge of his three children while his wife was at work. He told Daniel and his youngest son that they should sleep in his room, while his other two children sleep in their own room. One of Igbinedion’s children was woken by him telling off Daniel for wetting the bed, the jury was told.

An autopsy found that Daniel died from major trauma to his ribs and pelvis, and established the injuries could not have been caused by a fall from a bed.

Ben Igbinedion was found guilty of Daniel’s murder on Thursday November 7th.

Igbinedion’s testimony of the events of that night were contradicted by the accounts his children gave to police.

Speaking after the guilty verdict, detective chief inspector Graeme Gwyn said: “Ben Igbinedion’s violent actions resulted in the death of a three-year-old boy who had no chance of defending himself and devastated the lives of two families.

“Throughout the time since Daniel’s death, Igbinedion has continued to deny any involvement. However, a jury has seen through his story and convicted him of murder.”
In a statement read to the court, Daniel’s mother Augustina Kunu said: “How do I describe the loss of my only child Daniel? Daniel’s death has left me empty, heartbroken, lonely, lost, devastated and confused.
“I cannot concentrate or focus on my studies, I am unable to sleep and when I am able I wake up in tears because I can no longer see him lying by my side. I cannot get over Daniel’s death because of the bond we had.”

She added: “He was a brilliant son, a friend, a star, a hero and a help-mate. He would look into my eyes and say, ‘Mummy how are you?’ His death has affected my marriage, leaving it empty because Daniel was our dream, the pride and crown of our marriage.
“His dad, Victor, has been left broken-hearted, confused, lonely and empty. This whole matter has pulled our family apart. My prayer is that God will restore peace to our families.”

The evil uncle will be sentenced on Friday the 22nd of November, 2013 at the Old Bailey court house.

May the soul of the innocent boy rest in peace.

What a wicked world!