Nigerian Man Stabbed To Death By His South African Wife On New Year’s Day

nigerian man stabbed to death wife south africa

Jan 8, 2013 – Nigerian Man Stabbed To Death By His South African Wife On New Year’s Day

Edo state-born Nigerian man identified as Tony Rholand living in South Africa has been brutally stabbed to death by his wife, a South African Citizen.

According to sources, Tony Rholand popularly called Lasgidi was killed on Jan 1st, 2013 after his wife of many years stabbed him to death following a minor disagreement.

According to an insider from the Nigerian community living in South Africa, the mishap took place at about 4am in the early morning hour of new year’s day.

The fatal stabbing happened in Bhisho community in King Williams town in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa along the banks of the Buffalo River.

The suspect has been identified as Lungi who hailed from the Khosa tribe in South Africa. The couple have a child together

According to family sources, Lungi, the alleged husband killer has past history of husband abuse.

We learnt she had threatened to kill her hubby with knives in the past but the deceased refused to take her threats seriously until the 1st of January, 2013 when she eventually killed him.

On January 1st, 2013, after what close friends termed a minor disagreement, Lungi stabbed her husband severally.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Tony  Rholand’s body has been transferred to a local mortuary and Lungi, the husband killer has been arrested.

Tony’s family members in Nigeria have been notified.

What a world we live in.

May his soul rest in perfect peace!

27 thoughts on “Nigerian Man Stabbed To Death By His South African Wife On New Year’s Day

  1. Make sure u go for diliverance before mariage. Dis woman is a demon in human form……. Nigeria men learn a lesson. Marry we nigeria girls

    • naija gals are worse than serpents… most of them follow their husbands abroad and turn to tigers… we no go marry una…

    • my dear it doesn’t matter if is abroad marriage or not.what matters’ is men should be careful on whom ever they marry.don’t just marry her because she’s beautiful or wealthy you have to examine her thoroughly after all South Africa is part of africa these type of incident might take place any where around the globe may his gentle soul R.I.P.

  2. I think the killer should be dealth with because she has disobey God’s commandment which say thou shall not kill.

  3. Na wa 4 som kind women oh,even though d man offend her,nai she go cary knife tak stab her husband to death.wot a wicked world we are livin,she should rout in jail

  4. Give your life to Christ so that even if your wife or witches tried to kill the flesh, your soul and spirit is intact in eternity in heaven

  5. Women are all the same. Their are all devilishness and wicked. Everywhere in the world their brain is the same. For the dead man that is how God Almighty write for him the 1st time is parent meet after that to turn to human being. Is soul rest in perfect peace AMIN. Any for you guy fear woman their wicked like devil. Bye Yusufman.

    • Excuse me ….
      Wah yu mean all woman r d same
      Dd yu not cum frm a woman?? Were yu also not brought up by a WOMAN
      Yu hav to thnk before yu tlk or write bull shiit plz
      Coz most of d men in dis world beat up dier girls frnd or wife do I hav to conclude to all men r d same

      Nd it takes one to know one … If yu say all women r devil, mayb it’s co yu r one aswell dts why yu wuld knw

  6. Pls men wen a woman tells u dat she will deal wit u pls start begging her and if possible run for ur life.women are so emotional bit for u lungi or wat ur husbands spirit will hunt u till u die

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