Nigerian Man Uzoma Eleazar Arrested In India For Selling Bitter Kola Seeds For HIV/AIDS Cure

July 25, 2016 – Nigerian Man Uzoma Eleazar Arrested In India For Selling Bitter Kola Seeds For HIV/AIDS Cure

A Nigerian citizen has been arrested in India for duping a local resident in an online scam.

The suspect and 3 others met their victim on Facebook and arranged to meet in person.

They met and developed friendship after which the Nigerian national Uzoma Eleazar offered to make Anil Mathur, a local resident at Naya Nagar village in India rich.

Eleazar offered his victim a dealership in bitter kola seeds that he claimed can be used to cure AIDS and cough.

The victim fell for it and paid close to 10million naira.

When he later discovered that he had been duped, he reported Eleazar to local police officials before his arrest.

Items recovered from Uzoma Eleazar and 3 other members of his syndicate include 10 mobile phones, three laptops, N1.9million and packets of bitter kola seeds.

10 thoughts on “Nigerian Man Uzoma Eleazar Arrested In India For Selling Bitter Kola Seeds For HIV/AIDS Cure

  1. Cough I know that bitter cola remedies. But HIV? I think that that Indian must be a real mugu. The Nigerian guy did not keep him in the dark as to what his product is. The Indian knew all along that it was bitter cola. So how could he have fallen for it that it cures HIV? The Nigerian can claim he never ever told him so. If he hires a smart lawyer, he could win this case and even sue back the Indian for defamation.

  2. @metu r right,but india is not nigeria na,indian government will do evrything to justify their citizen.

  3. what a funny con man… d Indian man was aware it was a bitter kola y not do some scientific test on it b4 falling mugu
    .. as for cough bitter kola can go along way to cure it…
    nut SCAM NA SCAM

  4. Nigerian again, I don’t just like d idea of Nigerians to be tagged in any criminal case, its really not good for us. But at d same time how can someone fall so cheaply for that kind of a lie, that bitter kola can cure AIDS, before u even venture into that type of business u should av done ur homework, so really I think dis india man too has his portion of blame.

  5. I have said it before and I say it again that whenever aNigerian presents anything as remedy or cure for some disease or ailment, he has to claim that the “medicine” cures at least five ailments otherwise it will not be authentic made in Naija drug. It is unfortunate for this guy that he forgot himself and thought he was scamming fellow Nigerians who will wave it off. Ye ye online 419.

  6. This is ordinary business transaction. Even packaging these large quantities of bitter cola could not have been easy. Bitter cola from all indication is very medicinal. But wait a minute, what about Indians that flooded Nigerian market with sub standard and fake drugs?

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