“Nigerian Men! Stop Killing Ur Wives In America, Marry Your Age Mate” – US-Based Nurse


nigerian men killing wives

March 29, 2014 – “Nigerian Men! Stop Killing Your Wives In America, Marry Your Age Mate” – US-Based Nurse

It’s a huge shame to see how our Nigerian men are killing their wives in the United states nowadays. I can only point on Two major factors responsible for this madness: One is the age bracket, Two is quest of materialism:

Age: When you marry a girl who is young enough to call you grand pa, what do you expect? she has to enjoy life as her age permits, because you have lived yours and retired. Her kind of music, fashion, friends, ways of talking, sex etc. are different from yours. This gap leads to jealousy and hatred on your own side.

Quest of materialism: why developing another person when you have not developed yourself? If you love nurse’s paycheck-go do nursing program before getting married or together with your wife. Why spending your time watching TV and gossiping instead of investing it gainfully. While your wife is burning day and night developing herself in nursing school, there are many other things you can do?

By the time she graduates, her problem starts: you force her to be working double shifts at her job place, You practically turn your own wife into ATM machine, You begin to use her hard earned money to be giving donations in parties. Any day she complains, the world will hear it. Nigerian men, what have you seen in Nurses’ pockets?

You have never been to Nigeria in twenty years, you have no block of your own in Nigeria. When you marry a nurse, you remember to get an architectural design to build “a befitting house of a Nigerian man based in the U.S” in your village, this is when you want to buy a big mansion in your city and drive big SUVs – to compete with your friends.

My fellow Nigerians, please, stop this killings . Marry a spouse who belongs to your age bracket, and learn to live simple. Stop putting your children into this perpetual bitterness/agony. They never caused this greed of yours!

My last advice, if you kill in this country (USA), justice will surely come after you, and you will also become a history like the spouse you killed, be warned!!!!

[Article by Ms J, a US-based nurse]